TTC after Mirena Coil

Hi there all!!

I'm new and this is my first post so i really hope you ladies can help me!

We were planning to start ttc our 1st in new year 2011 but we've gotten too excited and want to go ahead now!

However, i had a mirena coil fitted just over a year ago which i'm about to make an appointment to have removed. This is my first coil and i'm a little nervous about having it removed. for about 2 months now i haven't been able to feel the threads to check it's in place. Have any of you ladies had this sort of experience? what is having the coil removed like? also, how long is it before fertility and cycle returns to normal?

i've been doing some research and there's soooooo many different articles out there i can't figure out which to believe!! :\?

Thank you all!! xx


  • Hey!
    I had my mirena coil out in jan! It is a lot less painful than having it put in! You'll feel a tug and that's about it!!!
    Fertility gets back straight away I think!!
    Cycle wise mine have always been irregular and having the coil didn't change it!!! Not to worry you!! Lol

    any way good luck with ttc and hope to see you in preg forum soon!

  • aw, thank you Mrs JC! That really puts my mind at ease!

    I kept reading all these stories about it being really painful to have it removed! But also read loads about it being excrutiating putting it in but i didn't think it was too bad and not had any problems with it since except for irregular periods - which like you i've always had too!!

    hope to see you in pregnant forum soon too!! All excited :lol:

  • Hi there!! This is my first post too.

    I actually had my Mirena coil removed this morning ready for TTC. I was in agony when they put it in, but hardly felt it being removed at all, as Mrs JC said its just a slight tug!

    I was advised that if I have had sex in the last 7 days it could be possible for me to concieve immediately. Fertility returns straight away. Good luck!! xxx
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