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Waving hello and a question.....

Hi Ladies,

I have never been on this section as I only discovered BE when I was already pregnant so hello there! image

I had my son just over 12 weeks ago and already thinking of the next baby (not bad considering I was panicking incase I couldnt cope with a baby!!)

so my question is to do with maternity pay as the money part is what determines the dates to start trying again........ does maternity leave count as continuous service????


  • Yes. I think! You are still employed by the company when on maternity leave. xx
  • Hi babygrowbelly, welcome to the forum!

    Congrats on your brand new lo! How lovely :\)

    As for the maternity leave question - as far i'm aware, where i work (NHS) you have to return to work for 3 months after mat leave before you can go off again...hope this helps :\)
  • As a teacher I have to return to work for 13 weeks too.Forgot that bit lol xx
  • Thanks ladies, the way I am reading my employee notes is that i get 39 weeks pay (some full some smp) only if I have 2 or more years continuous service so if maternity leave is included then this is good news image ; what do you think?

  • by the way jellyfishpink....are you going to Leeds meet? Do you live in leeds?
  • I think it is ok, are you going back to work soon? Then planning to go off on maternity leave again soon?

  • I was hoping to have the 52 weeks off if i can afford it and have some hols to tag on end too so it will be May/ June time but if I could get away with concieving whilst on maternity it would be great....but I dont want to mess up any wages as I need to save save save when I am back at work image
  • Yes I am going to the Leeds meet - really looking forward to it! Right, I see! Play the system to your advantage - can you ring HR to ask?

  • I think i better had just make sure I have everything correct....just worried incase it gets passed on and goes against me. :roll:

    I am hoping to get to the Leeds meet too! x
  • Hi, and welcome! Congratulations on your little boy! I have Jacob who's 2 years 4 months, and Noah who's 6 months xx
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