Hi ladies ive decided to come join you.
Well im clare and im 29 (30 in 2 weeks-uh-oh!)lol. Im off to get my coil took out today but we are not ttc untill july which is ages away but i already have 5 ds who are 11,10,6,2 and 7 months so it makes more sense to wait untill my yougest is 1.I cant actually believe im writing this as i promised myself no more after my last one.But here i am again , anyway im looking forward to getting to no you all.And roll on july.
luv clare


  • Hi Clare, Welcome back.

    I have a coil fitted and am getting mine removed in may when we will start TTC. We would love to start trying now but we have an amazing holiday booked and dont want to fall before so i can let my hair down and really relax before we start trying.

    Have you always had a coil? how long did it take you to fall pregnant if you did?

    Thanks Tina x
  • Hi i it removed twice before and fell pg in the 1st month both times so we are very lucky. Im having it removed today though coz ive had a nightmare with it ive bled(tmi) everyday for the last 6 months and im sick of it now.Good luck for when you ttc.
    luv clare
  • I think i would have had enough if i was in your shoes also. your very lucky, hope i am.

    Thanks and good luck XX
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