Rubella jab??


I've just been to the doctors about getting a rubella injection as I'm not sure if I had it as a kid. I have had to have a blood test and then book in for the jab if I need it which could be another couple of weeks!

I have heard you need to wait at least a month after the injection before you start TTC but I have also read 3 months! (i don't want to wait that long!)

Has anyone else had it done??

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  • Ooh I didn't know that would love to know the answer too x
  • i didn't have this problem as i had the mmr as a child but when u go to hve it done (if u need it) u can ask the nurse as she shld know x
  • My memory of it is that you would need to wait 3 months if you aren't immune. But it's pretty unlikely that you will need it.

    The MMR wasn't around in my day but I had a blood test when I was a teenager and I was immune. I remember being diagnosed with german measles as a kid too. But I had it checked before I started ttc first time anyway!

    Just remember that if you aren't immune it is so important to find this out and get immunised. In the end it will be worth the wait if necessary. Although I totally sympathise with your impatience!
  • I went through a rubella debacle a few weeks ago.

    I was told by a nurse over the phone that I needed it as had not had it. Then I rang back a week later and they said I'd had it when was 13.

    Basically, nowadays they give kids 2 injections to make sure they're covered but when we were young it was just the one (i'm 27 now).

    When my nurse wanted me to have it, she said wait a month before trying and I did lots of research about it and it used to be a 3 month wait but now it has been put down to just one month. If you google rubella and pregnancy you can read about it.

    This baby business is v confussing isn't it?!! x
  • I know!

    Thanks for your advice ladies.

    I am now hoping I will just be immune and won't need it. I really don't remember having the jab but hopefully I had german measles at some point!

    Well I have had the blood test so will phone back next week to find out and that will then decide when we start TTC!

  • Hey Mrs Cake
    yes i have had that and yes you have to wait 3 months before it is safe for you to start trying.It sucks but with christmas on the way it will go quick. Im just about ready to start in the middle of this month everything just seems so delayed.I say its like taking 1 steep forward 2 steeps back.

    Good luck x
  • I was also told 3 months. xxxx
  • Hi Susiee
    don't worry too much as chances are you are already immune to it! The Jab is for german measles.
    I went to the Doctors and they will take a blood sample and then test it to see if you are immune. If you are (which I was without the jab!) then you don't need to do anything. If you aren't immune then they can give it to you.
    They advice is that you can't TTC for one month after the jab.

    Hope that helps!!

    Mrs C xxx
  • hi suziee, not sure which language u speak but i know one of the SouthAfrican languages is similar to dutch, and in dutch rubella is called 'rode hond'....don't know if tahts any help tio u in finding out if ur immunised or not? hth xx
  • I was going to ask about this too as the doctor gave me a leaflet on preconceptual advice and talked about this part of it when I saw him today.

    He said three months, so by the time you have made an appointment to see the nurse for bloods, get the results, make an appointment for the vaccination and then wait three months that's a good 4/5 months. It's ok for me as I can wait that long to ttc (we're thinking of the summer to come off the pill) but can understand the frustration for others!

    I personally wouldn't want to risk pregnancy within three months afterwards even if they have changed it to one month.

    He also said to take folic acid for at least three months before beginning ttc so gives me time to start that (I thought you just took it once ttc/pregnant)

    Cent x
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