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Hi, i'm new on here, found out about this from you and your wedding website (my username was wilbur on there). Getting married in july and hoping ttc after that! everyone on there assures me this is a better charoom for baby related questions!

Came off the pill 8th april, thinking i would be hopelessly irregular as i always have been when not on the pill, usually 6-8 weeks and therefore thinking i would not have a chance to ttc very often. 14 days in i had a pain in my left side, which felt bruised for a couple of days after that, then day 28 i got a period, just like mrs average! So feel really pleased about that. I work long shifts, am very stressed out and don't eat as well as i should so i was shocked.

We aren't actuvely trying to stop pregnancy now but not focusing on having sex on fertile days just yet. I had a bit of an impulse buy on ebay the day i stopped the pill and got a clearblue fertility monitor and sticks. Feeling a bit silly now i came on after 28 days, but we'll see what happens. Can always sell it again and not planning to use it till july. In the meantime have started on the pregaday!

Anyway, hope i can keep lurking on here and just wanted to check in and say hi! xx:lol:


  • hello and welcome to planning!!!

    i used the CBFM for my first and it is fab! will be using it again when we try for no2, good luck with the wedding planning and look forward to chattng!

  • Hello!

    I have been chatting to you on YAYW as well (same user name)!

    I still have a while before we start trying and married 10 months, so kind of fall inbetween the two.

    Hope you like the site anyway! xxx
  • Hi Racheybaby123, glad you remembered me! I couldn't have the same username on here, it had already been taken. Piggypops, thanks for letting me know you had success with the cbfm, Some people are quick to slate these things but i wonder how it couldn't give you a better chance - and when you're excited, you do want it to happen quickly! x
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