Having my implant out on Saturday!

Hi everyone!

I am having my implant out on Saturday and I have bought some folic acid today, just wondering whether I should start taking them now, or if I should wait until Saturday!

Thanks image xx


  • Hi, thats exciting, i think you could start taking them now, from what i have read it doesnt matter if you start taking them earlier the sooner the better. Good luck image
  • Thanks Purple image xx
  • I would start taking them now!

    I'm getting my implant replaced on 17th but an getting it taken out in August, a month before our wedding.

    Post back on here to i know how it goes- don't know what to expect!

    Good luck!

  • Oooh, good luck for Sat! I'm having mine out on Tuesday, so less than a week to go and can't wait image

    Lots of baby dust to you! xx
  • Thanks Tilty and to you! x
  • just wanted to say i hope ur ok and good luck on gettin ur bfp soon x
  • Hi Kate,

    How did the removal go? Mine is Weds so a bit nervous. A bit gutted about having another bloody one in but only until August PHEW!

  • hi had mine out last night!!! was fine! a lil prick wen she injected me but apart from that just felt abit of pressure!!! im so excited, doc said fertility starts right away but the onlt thing is that not had normal periods whilst the implant was in so dnt no wer i am n wen i will ovulate???? any1 else in same boat?? good luck girls . xx
  • i had my implant out 3 weeks ago had a period the week b4 it came out and i stil ent had another period so hopefully i can do a test next week if i still ent had a nother 1
  • Hiya - thanks for the replies everyone. The removal was fine as marie sthere was a bit of a sting where they injected to numb the area, but the actual removal I didnt feel a thing and it was so quick! Only thing was they bandaged my arm up and told me to keep it on for 2 days so had to cover up so ppl didnt ask questions (no one knows were ttc)

    Also I was actually on my periodd when I had the implant out, and finished 2 days after!

    On a random note: trying4number1 is that your cat in your pic, he looks like mine image

    Good Luck All xxxxx
  • Thanks for the reassurance guys...typical that i didn't see it till i came back from the clinic!

    Got it out, got new one in and now on the 7 month count dowo to TTC!!

    Thanks ladies- you were right about the pressure.

  • Glad all went well and dont worry August will be here before you know it xx
  • I has mine taken out on 20th Jan and AF today. It was really good when she said I was fertile from then! Like you BroodyKate, I had to cover my arm up so no one noticed the bandage and strips!
  • I was in a restaurant tonight (took my bandages off this morning and still have a 'hole' and pretty bad bruising.

    Was wearing a strappy dress and a guy was actually staring at me and then at h2b then back to me as if h2b did it to me! lol We found it funny but it's horrible how people judge you!

  • Hi all! Glad to hear that the taking out process went ok - now please keep us updated as to what happens!!

    I am planning to have my implant removed in June/July. We're not actively going to be ttc until around November but I was thinking I would start on the folic acid soon anyway, I want to make sure I've been taking it for a while in case we have a happy accident earlier than planned! What do you think - is it ok to start taking folic acid while I've still got the implant in? Or am I just getting really ahead of myself?

  • Hi i had my implant out on wed just took bandages of today bruised still and yer big hole in my arm but so excited TTC, wen will i get my first proper period as havnt had one for ages and want to get ovulation right etc x
  • little_bex, not sure if this helps, but I recently went to see the nurse at my doctors as I was worried about whether I could take folic acid while still on the pill and she said that was fine. She said it was just a vitamin, so would think its the same if you have an implant? So I started taking folic acid that night! Feels good to be doing something towards ttc! x
  • Hi Mrs*G - sorry only just checked in and saw your post. That's really good to know because....drumroll....I went and bought my first packet of folic acid at lunch time today!!

    Haven't told hubby yet as I won't see him until this evening, but I was in Boots at lunchtime and it just seemed like the right thing to do! I don't think that it can do any harm and you're right, it DOES feel good to be doing something towards ttc! xx
  • hi ladies.. well stil no af or bfp image .. 4 weeks since removal so pretty fed up!! how r all u doing?? x
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