Hi I'm new and am going to start trying,,,,

Hi Everyone !

I'm Stacey

In 2 weeks time my pill finishes and hubby and I will be trying for a baby straight away : ) Very excited but also not really sure what I should be doing! Lots of questions to ask and any advise any one could give me would be great ! (This is my first time of trying)

I have given up smoking : ) This is my first step : )

We are looking to book some holidays this year, should we go ahead and book them? If I fall pregnant then I will loose the money if I can't go, or if I don't book the holidays and I am not pregnant by the time I go then I will be really upset that I didn't book! Should we put our lives on hold for trying for a baby, or carry on as usual and see what happens?

Do you think I should be using a calender to see when I am ovulating or just let it happen naturally?

Is the first sign of being pregnant missing a period? My sister didn't know she was pregnant until she was 3 months gone, but wouldn't she have missed a period the first month??

Sorry for all the questions, its all a little overwhelming at the moment !!



  • grrr Bloody website just ate my (very long) response! Anyways...welcome to the crazy world of TTC! As well as eating a good diet, avoiding too much alcohol and caffine, you should start taking a daily folic acid supplement until you are 3 months pg. This helps prevent defects such as spina bifida. I wouldnt put your lives on hold, go ahead and book your holiday but maybe opt for something not too adventurous, just in case - no scuba diving or bungee jumping! lol.OH and I are in exactly the same position, we started to TTC Nov 09 and are looking into a holiday in july next year. For most women its safe to travel in pregnancy, just make sure your Dr ok's it and the airline know. Its up to you if you want to track your ov dates or not I'm not (yet!!) but I know that some of the girls on here do with great success. there is a website called fertilityfriend which is supposed to be great. When it comes to pregnancy everyone is different, for some the 1st sign is a missed period, other know a few days before and have symptoms such as sore boobs, a metalic taste in the mouth, tiredness or period type cramps, I guess it's different for each of us!

    Anyways....congratulations and good luck, check out the trying to conceive message boards, they are great and the girls heres are all lovely. xxx

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