when to come off the pill?

Hi all

Just wondered when you guys all came off/or are planning to come off your pill? i am aware it can take a long time to get cycle back to normal etc. we are planning to start ttc in october so when would be the best time to stop? we have both started with conception vitamins. so excited!!



  • Hiya,

    I've officially stopped taking my pill as of last night (when my new pack should have started) and we are now TTC.

    When I spoke to my DR at the family planning clinic she said there was absolutely no need to leave the three month gap between stopping the pill and starting TTC as used to be advised. Apparently when you come off the pill you often go through a really fertile period so they now recommend that you try to make the most of this.

    So that's what we are doing! So I guess you simply finish with the pack you're taking immediately before you want to start trying.

  • I'm with you Willow23! My plan is to come off the pill next month (just started my last pack) and then immediately start ttc. I think the "wait three months" thing is to make it easier to calculate due dates so you are right that it isn't necessary. That's what the 12 week dating scan is for anyway...

    It is also true that fertility can peak in the first couple of months off the pill. Last time round I conceived in my first month of trying and I'm sure that's why. Every medic I came in contact with commented on the fertility peak so I'm pretty sure it's not a myth.

    Having said all that, there are plenty women on here who have waited a very long time for their cycles to get back to normal, and plenty are still waiting. So there can be some value in coming off early to let things settle down. You have to weigh up what's right for you - waiting until the last minute to possibly have a normal cycle immediately and make the most of the fertility peak, or come off now and allow your body to recover if necessary so you can start ttc when you want to. I was one of the lucky ones but I wasn't on the pill that time for very long so my body probably recovered quickly. And you don't need a "peak" to get pregnant. Do what feels right for you. Although it would be nice to have a crystal ball to help make the decision!
  • we have decided to come off the pill now. i have been on it for nearly 9 years and i had very odd cycle before going on it. so thinking that it may take a while. i really need to loose 3 stone before ttc anyway so we will be using condoms until we r ready. also hoping that coming off the pill might help me shift a few lbs too.

    Also put this post on the trying for a baby forum and they all said to come off asap. some of the, waited over 90 days for af

    claire x
  • hi

    i came off the pill early in jan and im waiting for my first af, i hope it will be soon but im expecting it to take a while as i was taking cilest for many years (with afew breaks in between).

    We plan to start trying in the summer and ive started to take folic acid and omega 4 vitamins and also trying to eat more healthy food and less coffee!

    it feels so good to be off the pill and taking these small steps into planning our baby xx
  • Hi everyone

    I'm new on here and I've found this forum so helpful thanks!

    I have been on the pill for 8 years and me and my boyfriend are ready to start trying for a baby now, its all very excited byt I am also VERY nervous!

    I should have started my pack of pills on Saturday after my WDB so it feels weird after so long of taking a pill everyday to just stop! Even though I've only not been taking them for 4 days I feel strange, my lower belly feels weird and I am SO tired! Is this to soon to be symptoms of coming off the pill and am I just working myself up?? I just feel really tired and keep going a little dizzy!!

    Any answers would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
  • hi! im a newbie and want to start trying end of this year. have been spooked by stories about cerezette, getting pregnant straight away leading to misscarrige- anyone else heard this? my plan was to come off june time to give a good six months off pill but your comments about being more fertile making me think.
    so great to be only here to share baby-craziness!!!!
    good luck to those of you trying- sending you positive baby thoughts!!!
    nic x
  • We are going to start trying in May/June time and I've been having the same dilemma about when to come off the Pill! I started taking folic acid about 2 weeks ago, but I think I'm going to stay on the pill til I have been taking folic acid for 3 months, then come off the pill and we'll start trying straight away. I have heard that fertitlity can increase straight after coming off the pill so I don't want to miss that!

    Mrs G x
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