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Only 2 more cycles then gonna ttc!

God im so broody! We said wed try from november but im gonna have my coil out during my period at the end of september!! Im always due towards the end of the month so hoping thet means we may have a baby for a wedding present.

As it stands we will ttc from the end of sept and my period is due end of oct and wedding is the 6th november so hoping we have caught by then!

So exciting!

Hows everyone else?



  • hey mrs rhodes!! i know what you mean im sooooo excited about us ttc our second... is this your first? we are staring in september so you've got me thinking now... do i have one cycle left or 2? lol iv had my period this month, i'm normally mid month, so maybe i only have one??? wow!!! thats very exciting! lol!!!

    congrats on the wedding too!! image its all happening for you!!

  • Exciting news!! Hope it all goes well for you - a wedding and TTC - such fun times! xx
  • Yes spuddy i think it does mean only one more cycle for you! Unless your waiting untill after your period in september in which case thats 2 cycles. So exciting! This is our second too we have a 15 month old boy at the mo who will be 17/18 months when we start trying! How old is your first?

    Thanks RB!


  • hey.. my dd is 3 in october.. i feel like thats a big age difference compared to some others lol but still only you know when youre ready and we really are now image

    so very exciting and creeping up fast!!! image
  • I think thats a lovely age gap. I wanted Jack to be older too and even if we fall on the first month (highly doubtful lol) then he will be 2 years and four months.

    I know it is so exciting!

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