Can I join you ladies?!

Had that chat with my OH yesterday and we've agreed to start TTC in 2010, so looks like I can join you all now.

We have my DS who's 15mths now and suddenly realised if I don't start soon then the gap will be even bigger and explained to my OH even longer before I go back to work! hehe

Trouble is now we've talked about it just want to get on with it! Can't this month though otherwise might clash with DS birthday! So will have to hold off a little while, OH says to start November aiming to spread the birthdays out and have a summer baby (oh and he wants a girly this time!) but know he is just as bad as I am for waiting for anything so sure we'll start earlier in the year.

Now I just need to learn all about cycle counting etc as never planned before, my DS was a fantastic surprise!


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