Suffering Badly - IBS and AF

Well I had to take yesterday as annual leave. I had the runs really badly Monday night (I think I am going to have to stop alcohol all together with my IBS). I went to bed with a hot water bottle Monday night and had the worst nights sleep. Now when I finish my pill on a Thursday I usually find my AF arrives on the Monday which it didn't. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually my worst days. I was literally in bed all day yesterday, with two hot water bottles. I was in agony. I then ended up with the runs again at tea time. I had to grip the sink and bathroom door it was that painful till I was finished. OH is away working in Scotland so was really feeling sorry for myself and was in tears a lot. I couldn't sit down yesterday only lying gave me any comfor t and curled up. I can't keep doing this every month.

It is a lot more manageble today but still have to have my two hot water bottles at work with me. I am now really scared as I am not going back on my pill and dread to think what my periods are going to be like not being on my pill. I am also scared about falling pregnant with IBS and what it will be like...


  • Thanks Wanna-Bump. I will have a look at that now. I will be pleased when the weekend is here and I have finished my AF! I always seem to have my AF when he is working away. A hug would have really cheered me up yesterday xx

  • I really want to go home now!! I have just had to dash to the toilet at work and hate having to do that. I feel really sickly now. I am guessing super noodles are not a food to be eating any more. I think I am going to definitely have to cut out wheat from my diet :cry:

  • Aww hope it gets betta 4 ya!! just think of all the positive things in ya life and try and take ya mind off it! thats what i do! have you ever tryed peppermint tablets or going to the herbal shop they have allsorts which is pregnant friendly! well some is!
  • Well since I got in from work I have been a further 3 times to the loo. I have taken a Loperamide for the diarrhoea going to risk it making me go the opposite way and making it more painful just to give me a break.

    Thanks foxjenz I hope so too, feeling pretty wiped out now but pain is gradually subsiding xx

  • hey hun! aww sorry your suffering, i always feel worse when hubby is away but a hug always helps, lol this time him being is away is causing it lol
    Well they didnt have the acai berrys, so i picked up peppermint oil capsules extra strength, not had any cramps since saturday!! and also if af is making it worse my little book says evening primrose is supposed to work, again herbal so i dont mind taking it. also i have almost dropped a dress size losing the bloat!!woohoo!
    x x x
  • I think I am the same, I am missing him so it is making my stomach work. I think I have lost weight but not in a good way because I haven't worked out what foods to be eating yet and can't keep off the loo. I am waiting for my acai berry tablets to arrive. Well done for the nearly losing a dress size that is great. I may suggest those to my Mam as bless her she always looks 6 months pregnant due to her IBS and those might help her xx

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