Upgraded from tea n cakes to PARTY TIME!! x

Hi ladies anyone about for a chat and a glass of wine. feel quite bored tonight and theres not a lot of new posts on planning, it seems quiet on here at the moment.

Anyway am here and have nearly drank a full bottle of wine oh dear..........if anyone fancies a chat pop in and say HELLO!!! xx

Changed to afternoon tea ha ha through the week, wine on the weekends!!! x

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  • hi im bored but i dont belong on here im from toddler forum just being nosey lol x
  • Hi hun, have replied on other thread, but you can reply on here and we chat here instead if you like image xx
  • Hi SD *waves*
    I am good ta, I am 31 and hubs is 34, I came off the pill at the end of August (got married 2nd aug) and have had 2 AF's since (relieved my body back to normal if such a thing!) so guess we have been trying since sept, very early days and both very broody image
    Not long till ttc for you guys then, very exciting! Would love a xmas baby, who knows this time next year we could have little bubbas!!!
    Would it be your first?? xxx
  • Hi hun, yeah it would be our first am so excited and cant keep my mouth shut keep telling people grr.........I shouldnt really cos now I feel like people judge and look and think ooh is she trying.

    Is it your first hun, did you have an amazing wedding, we got married in May was a great day. We just got our storybook album the other day too I love it xx
  • Yes will be our first, although hubs has a DS from a previous relationship. I have told a few people but feel it adds to the pressure a bit and that they are always waiting for news...
    Wedding day was amazing, perfect! Got our album today so that was exciting image
    I am a YAYW-er, were you on there??

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  • Yes I was but have changed my name on here I would love to see a wedding pic will you post one then take it back off? or at least tell me what your dress was like?

    I went for the traditional bride look but I loved my dress it was very sparkly, what colour scheme did you have? x
  • I have a different name on here too! Will try and remember my photobucket account where I have some family photos.
    My dress was a Maggie and I loved it image sad I won't get to wear it again!
    We had an ivory and black colour scheme which we both loved, what about you? xx
  • Sounds lovely hun, we had a turquoise n silver theme, will post some photos now but will have to delete them in 5 mins xx
  • That didn't work x

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  • Hope you had chance to have a quick peek!
    If not will repost tomorrow image

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  • would love to see some pics, love your colour scheme! x
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  • Soz hun I never got chance to look am gutted, is my password not working, havent been on there for months so thats why ha ha x
  • Password not working hun!
    We are very excited about trying and trying not to get too hung up on charting temps, POAS etc... but is hard as we would love to start our little family image
  • Hi hun, its defo colin29 the password for photobox, yeah I cant wait either not long till we start trying but hubs is self employed and just been laid off so not exactly chuffed about that but there is never a right time eh.

    Do you and dh have good jobs etc? will you manage when on maternity I work for a Charity and will only get basic SMP am gutted ;-( x
  • Morning hun!
    Never a right time where money is concerned I think. I am a teacher and hubs has a good job, he was made redundant about 18 months ago which was stressful time. Sorry to hear about your hubs hun. From what I know teachers get pretty good maternity pay which is good but I will prob only be off for 6 - 9 months before going back. Being a stay at home mum might be appealing but I will be going back, do love my job so not too bad xxx
  • Hello thought i'd migrate over here too!
    You guys are lucky to have your albums, we haven't had ours yet. Hubs keeps telling me to chase them up but I keep forgetting! I'm a YAYW-er too! I have the same name on there though
  • Welcome to BE Plumduff when did you get married and are you trying for a baby?

    Morning Mrs H, am not too bad have a bit of a hangover as drank nearly a full bottle of rose wine last nite n was feeling a bit sorry for myself!

    Today I am going for afternoon tea to a place called Sharrow Bay in the Lake District, we booked it 4 months ago and it was for my 30th a few weeks ago but today was nearest date we could get.

    So am going to be stuffing my face with lots of sandwiches and cream cakes at 4pm yummmmy!!!!! Will be thinking of you all tho and maybe bring you back a cake or two back!!!!

    SD x
  • Awww can I come SD!! Sounds lovely, enjoy! Want to hear all about it later/

    Welcome Plumduff, think I 'spoke' to you yesterday about your purchase?!! xxx
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