channel 4... irony?

putting Jo Frosts extreme parenting guide which looks at badly behaved kids.... the hour slot just before 'one born every second'!! haha!
brilliant channel 4... on the kids side as always :P


  • I actually feel close to fainting....I don't know if I can do it!!! :O I don't know if it is healthy to be watching this show! :L
  • did anyone else think the family with the son watching was a bit weird, the dad was not caring in the slightest!!!
  • Lou xxx-I felt like fanting watching it,and I have already given birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ive sky + it....cant wait to see it!!
  • i totally agree with you and my hubby were saying how wierd it was that the son was there and the way the dad was being so childish and uncaring.....though perhaps he was just nervous with cameras being there!
    its not put me off number 2 though!!!
  • i live in southampton... and my hubby is a PC so if i bump into him i dont know what i'll say.

    I do know the guy whos the blonde womans partner, worked with him before. weird!
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