Anyone else dieting before starting baby making?


I am not very overweight but BMI is about 27 as I am only 5'2" and 10st13Ib. I think it would be best to lose some weight before trying but I find it really difficult to keep at it. I was thinking if there was a few of us on here we could keep a track and give eachother some moral support. So what do you think? Anyone want to join me?

So I want to lose 1st in 8 weeks, thats less than 2Ib a week (so I keep telling myself!:lolimage. I weigh myself at the gym on Wednesdays so will update my progress each Wednesday.

Hope that some others join me :roll:.



  • Hi Bunny, I'd love to lose weight but already have a kid has piled on the pounts so have a lot more to lose than you! Don't have time for a gym either, so mine will be a very slow trek, but just wanted to wish you luck with losing weight!

    I ignore the BMI: I am overweight, I freely admit that, but when I went down to 25 on it a few years ago both my nurse and my doctor both told me to put weight on again!! Said that although it was considered healthy, because of my broad frame I looked terrible, unhealthy and it was actually bad for me as I have a restricted diet (allergies)! So I have doctors approval to be bigger! Never thought that would happen!!! Would like to lose....2 stone I think would be good. Not TTC until May so have a bit longer than you thankfully to lose that much!

    Anyway, now I've bored you to tears I will leave you in peace! Just wanted to say hello and good luck with it really! K xx
  • Hi, I would like to lose a little bit of weight before we start ttc in May/June time! I wouldn't say I was particularly overweight (I'm 5'4" and about 9 1/2 stone) but I would like to tone up a bit. Haven't got the time or the inclination to go to the gym though, but I did buy the Sports Active game for the Wii which I have done the workout on about twice since August. But I am going to start doing the workout every day, honest!!

    Will keep you updated!

    Mrs G
  • Hi,
    Garfield, Its great to have the GP tell you to ignore BMI! sometimes I don't really think it fits. I want to try and get to "ideal" to see what it's like and I don't think that will happen after pg or baby!
    I'm actually not TTC until June as I am away for a the whole of May. But I wanted to set a little tighter target to try and get myself to actually do something! And being away in May with make dieting and regular exercise more difficult, so if I have already got there I hope to maintain it then!
    It's funny as we are all trying for about the same time May/June! We could have an impromptu TTC group as well as dieting!
    MrsG2B is the sports active game good?
    B x
  • I'll be joining you as have already lost a few pounds but I'm not great at motivating myself. I was really slim when I had my first baby and only put weight on at my bump, although it was huuuuuge, oh and my boobs, I didn't put any weight on my arms or face so I think or hope if I can get back to that weight I'd be ok.

    funny thing is I was size 8 then but only half a stone lighter than I am now and I'm a 10-12 go figure, I'm quite petite too only 5ft 3 ish so would like to get at least half -1 stone off. I'm a pear shape so even though I'm petite I hold it all on my thighs and just can't carry any extra weight

    I quite like the Slimming World theory and have an old book so try and have most of my days each week following it quite closely then a couple of days of a bit more relaxed eating, few treats etc

    hoping i can stick to it
  • Hi 30 something, I was the same as you - put on the weight in the bump (which was huuuge as well!) and then gained weight afterwards being a SAHM :\(
    I have lots of excuses not to get fit which doesn't help: can't afford gym or a Wii, and have severe allergies which rules out most of the slimming world/weight watchers style diets as their staples I am allergic to! Plus the foods that are adapted to be suitable for me to eat are so incredibly high in calories it would be impossible to eat them and still lose weight. So I keep telling myself this and thats my excuse all the time image

    But am determined before TTC for number 2...although so broody I'm not sure I can wait until May! Well, I thought that until our car had its service today and its almost ??1000!!! Can't afford number 2 at the minute!! image
  • Hi,

    I am trying to lose a bit of weight before ttc no2. I am slightly overweight anyway but I am actually a few pounds lighter than before I was pg with Jack but my shape has changed so I need to tone up a bit. Losing a stone would be a bonus as we caught quick last time before I had much chance to lose any weight. Not that I'm complaining, just hope it's as easy this time.

    Only problem is finding the time! I work a full time job and work 10+ hours some days, housework etc.. and of course looking after my gorgeous boy. Feel shattered most of the time at the moment but I know if I make the effort it will pay off.

    I was thinking of a low gi diet. Anyone tried this?

  • hiya

    I am planning to come off my pill after this packet, to let my cycle get back to normal. However I want to loose around 3 stone before we start to ttc. I just want to be pregnant NOW so dieting has never been easier!!

  • Hi,
    I agree that TTC is a good incentive to actually keep at it with the dieting. But I still need a deadline which why it is great that the time I ditch the pill is getting closer to make me actually lose weight! Also getting closer to ditching the pill also means TTC is closer!!!
  • and ditching the pill may well help loose extra weight too!!!!

  • So it is Wednesday so weigh in time for me.....amazingly it is 10st8Ib which means I have lost 5Ib, seems too much to me but I just hope I maintain a bit of that loss!

    Does ditching the pill help loose weight? I have heard people saying about gaining weight when they go on it but didn't really think about loss when you stop it!
  • Well done Hunny!!
    That's a great loss! Wow, that sounds odd...great loss? You know what I mean!! WanaBump is right about losing the most the first week, it tends to slow off after that (my sister has done slimming world & weight watchers).

    But good luck for shifting the rest! image
  • well its 10st10Ib this week so as expected the 10st8Ib didn't last! Oh well, I did indulge in fish in chips Tuesday night (long day at work!). So I will stick at it and check in next week. It just seems so difficult to make the numbers go down, they just go up and down, up and down.
  • i will only whisper that I've lost 8 lbs then...but thats only because I've been ill the last couple of weeks and therefore not interested in food! Bound to pile it all back on again!

    Here's to next week HBunny. x
  • sounds like you're all doing well, I have completely bummed out and put on a couple of pounds since I last came on here, loads of excuses try again this week.
  • no need for whispers Garfield! 8Ibs is great!

    I have been terrible, this is what always happens when things don't go the right way, I think "what's the point" and have takeaway!! I will probably be up more next week! oh well, I'm gonna try really hard. I know it makes no sense to be bad when I gain but I just can't help it! x
  • im getting my implant out on wed and also just joined a gym i still want to keep in shape while trying to get pregnant and through out already had 2 kids an i piled on the weight during both pregnancy's so this time i need to really try. x
  • Hi all,

    I really need to lose some weight before ttc and this has actually been something that's been preying on my mind a lot recently. I'm 5 ft 4 and weigh 14 stone - this is not good! There are contributory factors (I have the implant and also suffer from an underactive thyroid) but I'm not going to hide behind those, I know that the main issue is motivation (or lack of it).

    I think I just need to solidify in my mind the connection between losing weight and having a the moment it's like my brain is in denial, although I know fine well what I ought to be doing!

    Must try harder! x
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