Getting fed up now - 40 days after withdrawal bleed & no AF

I came of the pill at the beginning of Feb and am now 40 days after my withdrawal bleed and no sign of AF image

Getting so fed up now, wasn't sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this, lol.

I had very, very strange mucus happening (TMI sorry) and am hoping that was a sign that I've ovulated. I started taking Agnus Castus and Starflower oil last Saturday in a bid to try and get things moving so just trying to stay patient and not get stressed but it's not easy/

Anybody else in this position?


  • Hi, when I first came off the pill when ttc no.1 my first cycle was quite long (can't remember exactly but it was 40+ days). After that my cycles were generally 36-40 days long, I think it takes time for the pill to come out of your system. This time round I've only had one period since stopping breastfeeding in Feb, I'm now on day 37 so it looks like my cycles are going to be long again! I agree with how frustrating it is - hopefully it will settle down for both of us!
  • Hi Fallenangel1978,

    I came off my pill 13 Feb and still nothing since a withdrawal bleed on the 16th??? I'm getting quite down about it now as I don't have a clue where I am on a cycle image
  • Hi, I took my last one on 2nd and then had my withdrawal bleed on 7th Little Bo Peep...

    Getting so down as I just assumed (naively I guess!!) that things would just sort themselves out. I spoke to a nurse yesterday and she was just useless! She just said stress could be a factor but mostly she just stared at me blankly...

    When are you looking to TTC? We're getting married on 1st May and looking to start straight after that.

    I'd have come off it months ago if I'd known it would have been like this!

    Keep smiling... image
  • Hi guys, gatecrashing from DIJuly, but I was in your position...I so wanted to start trying! I waited 3 months after stopping taking my pill to see my doctor to see if he could do anything....BFP!
    Theres 3 of us in my due in who fell straight from the pill so may be worth a test just to see?

    A & bump, 22+3 xx
  • I had been on the pill for 12 yrs solid when i came off the pill when trying for my daughter. I had my withdrawel bleed and then had 42 days until my next period, I tested on day 41 and got a BFN then the witch turned up the next day. I got my BFP 36days later on cycle 2.
    Well worth a test just to see?

    We are now ttc #2. I came off the pill on Monday 15th March. Started my withdrawel bleed on the 17th so you could say im on CD8. We are just going to crack on with ttc. I will prob wait 40 days and if no AF then will test.

    Good luck.xx
  • Hi, I'm also very fustrated, i'm still wating for af, withdrawal bleed finished 1st January. I'm off to drs tomorrow although sure they will fob me off saying 'dont worry it will come' won't make me feel better though. It's so so annoying!! I'm taking cactus Angus too as meant to help regulate.
    Hope yours comes quickly and then bfp to follow
  • Good luck Alison, hope they're more helpful with you than they were with me, the nurse was just useless.
    Fingers crossed for something positive for you, let me know how you get on image
  • I have just come back from Drs and she was very good and has sent me
    for blood tests to check hormones, loads of other buts and also my thyroid. So have booked in for 7th April and then get results week later. She said that it is normal and I shouldn't worry but would get ball rolling doing the check which I'm really pleased about.
    Fingers crossed for everyone x
  • hey just to let you know i was the same, had 2 long cycles nearly 50 days long before i ttc my first who was born in 2008, i should have been due my first af after coming off pill this week but am expecting it wont pop up for awhile! We are waiting til jul/aug till we start to ttc just so that i can have a few cycles first but am not too worried as i know it was ok last time image Hope tests come back fine for you im sure they will as it sounds like a common thing for a lot of us coming off the pill.
    good luck ttc xx
  • It's a strange old thing. I joined a group in ttc back in November where all of us were missing AF! Most are now in PG so that's good news. If you were regular before going on BCP then chances are you'll be fine - just taking a little time to go back to normal.
    I came off BCP 2nd August and I've had one AF since!! Been diagnosed now with PCOS and being referred cos it looks like I won't be able to get pg without a bit of help. It's so hard to be patient however long it's been so I hope something happens for you soon xx
  • Thanks Jessica, it's lovely to hear that you had same thing happen and still concieved. I'm sure all will be ok but thought if I can get blood tests done now it starts the ball rolling if anything is wrong. Can wait to start ttc.
  • That's fab news Alison, really glad that your doctor was more helpful than mine, it will be a weight off your mind image
    This forum is great because it's so easy to feel completely lost with all this and it's so reassuring to hear you're not alone and all these great success stories!
    Thanks image
  • Just a quick update, AF finally arrived yesterday (so relieved!!). Typical in that from what everyone was saying I decided to do a test the day before, lol. So, so happy that something's happened image
  • That's great! (well as good as getting af can be :P )
    I was happy my first after coming off pill arrived on saturday only 1 week overdue image am hoping now for a few more regular ones and a nice summer in our new home with lots of bbqs and wine before we start ttc in august. good luck to everyone xx
  • Fab news for you too Jessica image Can't tell you what a relief it was!

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you in the summer image
  • Hey, i'm g/c from ttc, hope you don't mind!
    I came off the yasmin pill at the end of feb, had my withdrawel bleed pretty much straight away and i've just started my af for this month. Had some strange symptoms too but I think its mostly to do with forgetting what it's like to have a regular af. Going to see doc tomorrow just to make sure - hope you get back to normal soon xx
  • How did you get on wildthing?
  • hi Fallenangel1978. I am still waiting for my period to come.. saw a nurse on 28th March, did a test and it was negative.. then did another test at home on 11th April and still negative.. saw a dr. on 12th April and he said nothing he could do just asked me to wait for another 2 months.. my last withdrawal bleed finished on 14th Feb. (last sex on 30th Jan)
    any advice?!
    do i need to do another test?
    so annoying! image
  • Hi got blood tests back and all normal, Dr said to wait 2 months and then go back if still no af. She said to keep trying as could still get pregnant. Think I'll di ov sticks everyday for 1 month solid and see if any chance I'm ovulating. Have the cheap ones from eBay although not sure if I should invest a bit more money and buy some good ones.
    I'm trying not to worry but can't help but think it will never happen!!
    Good luck to everyone
  • I'm just really glad your doctor was helpful because at least you know the tests were ok. I know my friend just uses the cheap strips off eBay and she swears by them. You could end up spending a fortune on the more expensive ones. I was thinking of getting some as we're hoping to start TTC next month (if everything works as it should this month).

    It's horrible because if you're anything like I was I was just on an emotional rollercoaster. Would go through periods where I pretended I was ok and trying not to think about it to days just obsessing about it and not being able to think of anything else.

    You still trying the agnus castus? I'm sure that's what (finally sorted me out). Was taking 2 twice a day along with the starflower oil. Have you tried that VVV?

    If things have settled down then AF is due to appear in just under 2 weeks so it's the whole rollercoaster again.

    It would be so much easier to be a bloke - they get away so lightly!!!

    Have you been monitoring your temp Alison? I know my friend did that religiously for a while as well to try and get as much of an idea as possible?

    Keep smiling guys and keep the faith that things will happen soon, it's about all we can do x
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