gonna be honest and tell the truth

i have been a member on here for nearly a year and we was havin trouble concievin and i knew it was down to my weight, i was unable to lose weight due to havon broken my ankle and it will never be 100% so excersin on i was almost impossible, well on 3rd dec i had a gastric bypass and now im on the injection as its not save fpr me to get pregnant yet (i wish it was) i have to concentrate on losing weight and becoming more healthy, im havin my last injection in april and it will run out in july i think it is, if im wrong please correct me, so from july we are offically ttc again, i know its early then the reccommended time table, but my nurse told me it will take a good few months for the injection to leave my system, so im hoping for a bfp between sept - december.

thank u everyone for reading and i hope no one judges me xxxx


  • I'm the other end... I'm having trouble conceiving because I'm coming out of a pretty serious eating disorder which me get very sick and thin.

    It's really hard, as I feel guilty for developing the ED, and that doesn't help with TTC, as it just stresses me more.

    Good luck, and remember we are all here to help each other X
  • thank u very much huni, xx good luck with ttc i hope u get a bfp soon xx
  • honey, why would anyone judge you? You sound like a fantastic lady who is very clear on her desire for a baby and is doing everything necessary to make that a reality! You should be proud of yourself for just getting on with it! image Good luck to you!
  • There will always be judgemental people around, but focus on you and your relationship not those people, just think about a happy future feeling slimmer and healthier and then planning for a baby, it's about the end result not the here and now sometimes and you're planning a great future, best of luck xx
  • No-one should judge you in a negative way hun, you've decided you had an issue and you're dealing with it and taking control of your life and health. That can only be a good thing so good on you and thanks for sharing, we're here to support you x
  • I agree with Lou why would anyone judge you? You sound like a determind person and I hope you get the results you want with your weight, and your bfp when you start ttc
  • thank u everyone, sorry i havent replied as my internet dongle broke, hate not havin the net lol, thank u for ur support its means a lot xx
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