TTC No 2 in Nov after copper coil?

Hey ladies

I used to spend some time on here when i was ttc my little boy Jack, hes now just over a year and we are thinking about trying again soonish. I think we would both like to start trying now but we are getting married in Nov and i really want to enjoy my wedding and not worry about being pregnant plus ive brought my dress and stuff so it wouldnt be practical at all!

So Im thinking of having my copper coil removed after AF in oct that way we can start trying after the wedding straight away! Im hoping to fall pretty quick as was on pill before and fell after a couple of months. Do you think it will be the same for the copper coil? Theres no hormones so hoping it will happen soon! I was debating having the coil out in sept but then i really couldnt drink etc and i only plan to get married the once and wanna enjoy it, also i was quite sick during the first bit of my pregnancy before!



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