Anybody trying again after a c section.


I had my little girl by em c section just over 9 months ago now and we are planning on trying again next month.

I think my doctor told me to wait 2 years after I had rose but i don't want to wait that long and have heard of a few people i know having c sectins close together. Is anybody else doing this?



  • i saw your other post but though i would reply here

    the info varies greatly from reading on here ladies have been told to wait anything from 3months to 3 years! there are no set guidlines as such, there is a thread on baby about this at the mo and one lady had her second by section very soon after the first,

    i really want a vbac, LO was still stuck after 3 hours of pushing so we had a section for that, you will be given the choice second time round as to what you would prefer, although if i go over (i was 8 days early with DS) they wont induce by drip as this has risk of scar rupture so i may end up with a section if i go over and pessary induction doesnt work

    our DS took 11 months to concieve so with that in mind i am tempted to start earlier although hubby would need some convincing as he thinks because the doctor said 12 months that thats what it should be!

  • Thanks love, I have not really had any problems with my scar it;s just huge and all over the place on one side where they cut it quickly. I was in labour for two days and only got to about 3cm so they started me off on the drip as my contractions stopped and they I had a reaction to the EPD and it went up to my face and so they rushed me into theatre and gave me a spinal block and they got rose out.

    It does scare me as it was not nice to go through all of that, it was very stressful and i felt like it affected Rose and I bonding too. I would not have a problem having a planned c section though but I worry about it being a risk falling preg so soon after having Rose?

    K XX
  • hya, like piggypops said the infor definatly varies i was told there was no time limit, i had a happy accident when DD1 was 4months old and found out i was PG with DD2, I then waited 3yrs and have just had my 3rd section and DD3 is now 15wks old were planning on TTC our final child in afeew months time as we really enjoy the small enjoy the small age gap. all my recovies from section have been brilliant and 2nd and 3rd definatly better than 1st, i have liked the organisation of the planned section.
    My consultant has never voiced any worries about being PG so soon infact during 2nd PG it was never mentioned, she told me that after 3 months the scar is healed. xxx
  • Thank you so much for that info hun. That does make me feel better about trying. Like you say you hear so many different things from different people and dr's you never know what to do for the best.

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