Help needed - is this normal?

Hi Ladies! Beware, very long post coming...sorry if some of it is TMI or really boring!! :\)

I've been reading posts for a couple of weeks but not had the guts to actually post before, even though I have loads of questions flying through my brain, but you all seem so caring and helpful I think I trust you before going to GP! Most of the questions I had before have been answered by reading other threads, for which I am very grateful to you all. I hope to goodness no-one I know reads this as I will be mortified.

Right, a bit of background...I'm 39, no LOs yet (and aware that time is rapidly running out) but have wanted to be a mum since I can remember! Started my periods at 9 (nearly 10) and they have been painful and heavy almost from the beginning. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis in 2001 after years of pain (even though had been on regular OCP since age of 15), but only after 2 hospital admissions and 2 laparoscopies (first one waste of time, done by a general surgeon who didn't know what he was looking for so he just "washed out" my pelvis), so since then on advice of Gynaecologist have been tri-cycling OCP (12 weeks on pill, 1 week bleed) on progressively stronger OCPs as was getting breakthrough bleeding on weaker brands (ended up on Yasmin).

Before all this was diagnosed met husband aged 22, married at 24 but left after only 9 months as he physically abused me (from the day after the wedding). Only had a couple of LTRs since then, as I had major trust issues, but all ended fairly badly except the one during which I found out about the endometriosis (still friends), and my last relationship actually ended last June because my sex drive had gone right down and my partner couldn't deal with it, just got angry and couldn't talk about it, no matter how much I tried.

Last pill before break was due was New Year's Day, and New Year's Eve I had a long think and cry, and realised if I don't do it now I never will, so took my last pill New Year's Day and have stayed off them, have started taking Pregnacare and have even found a sperm donor! Just waiting for my cycle to regulate then will start trying AI.

Now, finally, my question - this is a bit embarrassing, but WTH, I've practically told you my life story here, so here goes - the last few days I have started having more "naughty" feelings/thoughts, even caught myself daydreaming/fantasising about my evening class tutor on the train to work this morning! image Is this normal? Maybe a sign that I'm about to OV, or that the OCP is coming out of my system? I haven't felt like this for years, actually I can't remember the last time TBH, so I was more than a little flushed and breathless when I got to London Bridge, lol! Thinking about it, it's a good job I didn't fall asleep as apparently I make little sighing/moaning noises in my sleep...when I'm not snoring like a wild boar, that is!!! :lol:

Sorry if this seems silly in the grand scheme of things, I know many of you have really serious problems to overcome, but it's really knocked me for six, totally unexpected - blooming typical it happens now not 8 months ago! I'm also a bit worried it may be an early sign of menopause, which would devastate me, but too chicken to go to GP and explain this, and would be really grateful for anyone else's experiences or advice.

Thank you!


  • Try not to worry about it; a lot of women on the pill have their sex drive drop; I spoke to my GP about it as was frustrating for my hubby but not a lot they can do. When I stopped to TTC it suddenly leapt back up - I couldn't get enough! Not that my OH complained! LO is 14 months now and trying for another :\)

    It's probably just where the pills are leaving your system - but if you are worried do talk to your GP; you dont want stress impeding your chances of a bubba!

    Good luck!
  • Thank you so much, I feel a bit better reading that. I'm very reluctant t go to GP as all I could imagine she would say was lucky you, don't knock it! Feel very silly but as it is so unusual for me to feel this way it was weighing on my mind.

    Good luck, H&H to you for no. 2!

    T x
  • Susiee, thank you - snivelling snot now so can't type properly *sniff*! Could just do with a hug now!

    Ok, snivel moment over...back in control of my eyes again! Thank you for your support & sharing your experience, I reckon (from the timescale of what happened to me) you've probably got about 4 or 5 more days before you get, erm, excited, shall we say!?! Well I hope so for your sake - enjoy it! Good luck BDing!!

    T x
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