hiya, newbie here just thought id leave a message lol

im holly and im 28, have a daughter who is 8 is autistic, has aspergus and adhd and a son who is 4 and a sod lol.....im with a diff man now and we would like a baby together, my partner has a 17yr old daughter so been a while him lol, i would like 2 lose 3st 1st b4 i get preg again so determined 2 do tht .....

im wafflin now so im gonna shut up lol xx:lol:


  • Hi Holly,

    Welcome! Sounds like you have a lovely big family! I work at a school for children with autism, but not aspergers.

    This will be our first baby (fingers crossed as long as everything goes well!), but not trying until September. I know loads of pregnant people at the minute and it's making me soooo broody!

    Good luck with your weight loss! I think there are quite a few of us on here trying to lose weight before getting pregnant... trying being the word at the minute too!!

    Rachel xx
  • hello "waves"

    we will be trying for no2 at the end of the year, i am trying to loose my baby weight before ttc, i put on 3 stone during my pregnancy and itching to get rid of it!

    good luck!
  • Hiya, welcome to the site! I am 28 too and TTC my first starting this weekend, currently on a horrible AF (IBS makes it worse), with my new partner (going through divorce). I am lucky due to what I now know was IBS I went from 12st 8lbs to 10st 5lbs last year. I am currently hovering around 10st 11-12lbs. I have probably lost a 1lb or so with my bout of IBS this week as never been off the loo (TMI sorry) xx



  • hi girls....

    ty 4 ur replys, im due my AF 2moro so wondering whether 2 carry on tking pill after or stop it and try now lol im scared aswell as not sure if ill cope lol

    xx hols xx
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