My name is cha i'm 27 and have been married for 3 1/2 years and i have a 5 1/2 month old daughter nicole.
we have decided to start trying for another baby at the end/begining of march/april as we would love nicole to have another xmas to herself. i'm sooooooooo excited that i just had to post it as we are not telling any of our family were trying.

so can i join ye ladies or am i a bit early :lol: :lol:



  • hi chick its clareyg remember me?? i was having a nosiey round and seen your name so i had to come and say hi!!! so your planning another already im sooo jelous ,im really broody already id love another 1 but i already have 5 boys so life is already pretty busy.mayb next year for me! good luck huni.
    luv clare
  • hi clareg,
    course i remember u. i was sooooo broody that we had to have the talk about another one ha ha.
    hows ur little man doing? how old is he now?

  • hi , he will be 6 months on the 16th, time goes so quick.but he is a lil star he is soooo good .he as been sleeping though since 12 weeks and is happy all the time ,he very rearly cries. which is y i think i want another .id prob have another 10 if they where as easy as harri. we have had the talk too and we would love another (as crazy as that sounds!lol) hows everything your end?
    luv clare
  • hi,
    nicole is the same thats prob why we want another one ha ha. the only bad thing is me going back on needles for the pregnancy the thoughts.......
    is he been weaned yet? nicole is and she loves it the little monkey, it ends up all over her face as she puts her hands in her mouth straight after her food ha ha
    did u have a good xmas and new year?

  • we had a gr8 xmas and new year thanks!! we also went away to butlins just before xmas for a christmas fantasy break which was lovely. the kids love it!!how was yours? harrison was weaned at 4 and a half months and he loves it but now if any1 eats near him he tries to grab it.lol. he does love his grub but he is a big lad he is in 9-12 months clothes already which is a abit of a shame as he doesnt look like a baby anymore~boo-hoo
    hows the weather where you are we havent been out the house all week coz of the snow so im going alittle mad now and my 2 year old wants to watch mickey mouse club house all bloody day! argh!
    luv clare

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