so tempting...

We aren't going to TTC no 3 until Dec, I came off the pill this month, mostly because I forgot to start it again after AF :lol: I was goingto be a day late starting it but because I had such a horrendous period this month -heavy bleeding, 3 day terrible headache/migrane and vomiting ( had to be sent home from work) I decided to see if it was any different off the pill and also just keep track of my cycle because it would be useful for when we TTC, The plan as to go back on the pill when I get my next period but its just so tempting not to use anything this month and see what happens!! The main spanner in the works is I have a hen in 2 weeks (I'm on cd12 at the min) and if I did happen to fall I wouldnt be able to drink and it would be very obvious! Also we are off to Portugal at the end of June, so the sensible thing is to abstain/use condoms, right??


  • hi there Fran!

    your post made me smile!! December isn't so far away and you already have two beautiful babies so why not just see what happens?! your already prepared and know what to expect so a gorgeous little surprise would be the cherry on the cake!!

    i say go for it!! image image image

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