helloooooo ladies...

Hello I hope you are all well, this is prob tmi but I came on my period yday and I'm sooooo happy about it lol I know that sounds odd but it's ticking another thing off my countdown to officially ttc number 2 from September!!!! Woooooooo image only 1 more period to go then we are there!! (hopefully no more after that but don't think we will be that lucky) part of me just thinks sod it let's start now because it's really very unlikely to happen in month 1 but then there are 'sensible' reasons to wait untill next month if it were to happen first time... I know it won't! Lol... Anyway iv got this far so a few more weeks won hurt lol!!

I must be mad!! Hope everyone is ok x


  • Awwww hello hun

    Congratulations on having your monthly visit! its a gr8 feeling isnt it! i felt the same too with finally being able to tick it off my list. i've been on the pill for 8 years, av been off it nearly 7 weeks now, had my 1st normal period last week, it lasted 4 days. i was so excited too. just going to see how my body will turn out for the moment as we are unsure when to start ttc due to moving into our 1st house. just wanted to say congrats and wishing you lots of baby dust.

    All the best hun xxx
  • Thaanks kimbo that's really lovely of you. It's just so different this time my dd is nearly 3 and was unplanned and we didn't find out untill i was 19 weeks so we both dealt with it differently at different paces (of course we have been delighted and wouldnt change anything about her or her timing anymore but at the time it was uneasy)

    Anyway this time it's planned we are both on the same page and both excited! All these little things are things to celebrate and enjoy!

    Best of luck with your new house and whenever you do decide it's time then I hope you have a healthy 9months

  • Your very welcome :\) Thanks for sharing your experience with me, its nice to know we adapt to change when situations come out of no where. you've made me realise a few things too. thank you for your kindness.

    All the best with number 2 xxx

  • awww well im pleased i may have been able to help even if it was in a very small way!!

    i believe that these things happen for a reason.. i never knew what career i wanted to do but since becomming a mummy iv realised thats my purpose! image we may not have alot of money or fancy holidays but what does that matter when we have sucha beautiful daughter!
    my oh was sooo far away from being "ready" (i was only 21 he was 22) but the minute he held our dd he became a daddy instantly!! its amazing and you cannot imagine it before you have them because you can only think about the way of life you know now will change but when you have a baby you change.. you just cant realise just how much untill they are here.. if that makes sense??

    sorry im rushing because im at work!! haha!!

    anyway.. i hope you and dh come to an agreement that suits you both and i wish you all the best

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