can't think of anything esle!


how do you take your mind off babies?!
we are not going to start trying until september and i keep worrying that one of us will get ill or lose a job or something will happen and i just want to start now!

how do you girls keep your minds occupied with non maternal thoughts?

its impossible, i'm even dreaming of bumps and bubbas now!



  • Welcome to the club!!!

    I reccommend planning doing all the things that you won't be able to do (unless you are very lucky!) once you have a little one:

    * staying out until dawn
    * lazy mornings in bed
    * far flung holidays to exotic locations
    * taking long hot baths together
    etc etc etc...........

    I am also trying to distract myself until we can (hopefully) start trying this time next year. It's tough but focussing on enjoying another year as a non-mummy is helping!

  • thanks beyond broody!

    its tough isn't it!
    i remember when i got engaged and the wedding was 2 years away and i was complaining then! and everyone said "oh but it will go by so fast" and it did, so am sure this will be the same???
  • hmmm - not sure on that one. I had 10 months between the engagement and wedding and it didn't go that fast!!

    We've only been married 7 months and that has gone super fast so i am kind of hoping that the next 12 will do the same but on the other hand I have just had time chatting to a newly PG colleague and am now super envious and desperate to try sooner! Can't really ask DH to move it forward any more but am thinking about coming off the pill in Sept "to prepare my body" and then telling DH that contraception is his responsibility from now on!

    Like all men, he hates condoms and love sex so hopefully things will happen a little earlier than planned!!!

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