Going to have to wait a few months more before TTC...

Not happy.

Went to the mortgage company yesterday and our mortgage is up for renewal end of August next year so we can start applying for fixed rates end of July, and basically we will need 3-6 months proof of income which means I will need to still be getting full salary into my bank account to make sure we can borrow what we need.

I figured I will be at work and so on full salary until at least 32 weeks, which back from the end of July would be 19 December. As we have a wedding to go to on 31st Dec, I guess we may as well wait the extra 2 weeks until then, save all the questions about my not drinking when I probably wouldn't even be pg.

It's only really 3 months later than we hoped, but I'm still a bit gutted as I really had end of September in my head. Plus, it could take ages for all we know, so could be putting it back for no reason. Oh well... trying to stay positive still and think of the extra money we can put away in those 3 months!

Sorry for my moan! :\)



  • thats pants,

    have you looked at your maternity allowance do you get any full pay at the beggining? that could bring it forward?
  • No, SMP only sadly. I work for a charity, so they tend to keep benefits to a minimum.

    I suppose the first 6 weeks are 90% pay, so that wouldn't be so bad and we could make it mid November....
  • Hi racheybaby123 - i sympathise, I have waited so long to ttc, i would be gutted to put it back. In the scheme of things its not long though, and you'll be glad for the better financial situation you'll be in. i wanted a baby ages ago but waited for the house and to be in a job a year, knowing it makes sense to give the baby (and us) a better life. I'm a midwife though and see so many young girls walk in with no job, no prospects, no home, and just got pregnant cause they want a baby with no thought for anything else! I'd have sleepless nights but they aren't bothered! Am not suggesting this though...hope the time goes quick for you and that you get pg quickly when the time comes!
  • Thanks alfie and well done on waiting. I know it's the right thing to do, but it's so hard!

    That must be sooo hard being a midwife when you're desperate to start ttc!! I think that would just make me so much more broody!!!

    Always imagined it must be an amazing job though, apart from the fact that I work with someone who used to be a midwife and said the politics and blame culture can be awful! Hope you don't find that...

  • yes, definately too. the stress is terrible, i go from one day to the next trying to be the best i can be for mums and babys and wondering when i'll next get held up for something...I have held so many people's babies and been part of so many people's births for 7 years now (including my training) get this yearning feeling - when will it ever be my baby i'm holding! The downside is i've seen some pretty scary things too, and sometimes it's better to not know! x
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