Anyone trying for #2 sep time?

OMG so excited, only couple more months then me & dh will b trying for #2 image anyone else gonna b doing same?
We've already got a completely gorgeous little 20month old little boy but just so ready now to give him a little bro or sis.
Am trying to get my body super fit & healthy b4 sep so i carry well & can get my body back after giving!!
Does anyone think i should b charting my cycle? my little boy wasn't planned so i'm bit out of touch with any of this actual ttc malarkey!!



  • Hiya, I am planning to TTC sometime between now and December for no 3 -I keep swinging wildly between when is the best time :lol: I want to be fitter first too! I came off the pill 2months ago due to migranes and I've been keeping and eye on my cycle - first one off the pill was 32 days and this month is was back to normal with AF comming on day 28. It might be a good idea to track your cycle just to see when you might ovulate and when AF will be due :\) Good luck!!
  • me!!! image

    we have a dd she will be 3 on oct 1st and are planning to start ttc from sept iv been off the pill for 2 months already because i was really bad at taking it one month so decided their was no point and i might as well get my cycles back to "normal" .

    dd was also unplanned so im new to all this "planning" malarky but its nice to have the experience that we are both ready this time rather than being thrown into it if you know what i mean?? as dd was unplanned... not that id change anything about her/her timing or anything!!

    anyway goodluck with the ttc and heres to potential bump buddies image
  • I agree spuddy, it's really exciting knowing that we will actually b trying to make a baby this time!! i am so clueless though & when i read through the ttc pages i don't understand all the jargon they use lol!! i think the best bet is to just stay chilled & enjoy the sex lol!! we're in no major rush & i'll b more than happy if i'm preg by the end of the yr.
    Lets hope we will all b bump buddies soon xx
  • i thought the same about all the "technicalities" which makes us lucky i guess that we didnt have to consider them before... we are the same though.. just going to stop trying to prevent it and enjoy.... as you say!! haha!!
    good luck hun i cane believe how quickly its coming around!! image
  • Hi ladies

    I'll be TTC in september for number 3! Already have a 3 year old son and 19 month old daughter and have been ready for another for about 6 months! Came off my pill at the end of april so i can get my cycles back to normal. Only reason i'm waiting till september is because i am a bridesmaid next month so thought it would be best to wait till after then.

    I'm getting very excited now!! xx
  • Hi excited we have another sep ttc'er on board image i don't blame u waiting till after you've been a bridesmaid! one of the raesons we r waiting is that it's my best friends hen night beginning of sep & def wanna b able to have one last night out!! can u guys believe that from sun we will b able to say we r ttc next month...eeekkk!

  • wow happymummy i hadnt thought of it like that!! hmmm.. i shall think of that on sunday lol how fast its approaching!! image
  • Hi there! I'm TTC #2 and I'm already the proud mommy of a soon to be 9 year old! We will start TTC in August once DH gets here! God Bless You All and Baby Dust!
  • Hi,I have been TTC #2 for over a year.We are hoping that by the end of the year we will be expecting.
    So good luck to everyone who is trying,hope it all goes well for you.:\)
  • Hi becky, nice to hear from u.
    Wow ttc #2 for a yr, how old is your 1st? was reading yesterday that if u start trying too close together it can take longer...on average they said a 18-24month age gap is about right. R u charting your ov hun? i have been trying to pick up on my 'signs' that i'm ov but pretty clueless really lol!! think i ov about day 15 & my cycle is about 29-30 days...does that sound about right to anyone? xx
  • My daughter is 2 and half,been trying since she was about 15 months.
    Yes i have been trying to track when im ov,for me about day 12 i notice signs of ovulation n it lasts till day 16,i think i understand what the signs r but always helps to have more info.
  • From what i have read u get a kind of jelly like clear discharge & i'm sure i get more irritable lol!!
    Well i really hope u get preg soon hun, we're trying sep time so not long now but have been broody since ds was about 14months old!! miss my bump!!
  • Im the same im very irraitable around that time.
    Thank you hope everything goes well in the next few months hopefully by the end of they year we will all be pregnant!!Yay!!!
  • hello becy&alyssia and welsome... i really hope these are the final months for you on ttc and that you get to jump over to "pregnacy" asap!!

    and to both you and happymummy i get soooo irritable around ovulation... i really thought that was just me being a stress head!! haha i also get really hot!
    i think o ov about day 15 of a 29day cycle so happy mummy is sounds rigt to me but im no expert!! i lost track this month so need to check again for august ready for september image

  • I know i thought that before i found out why i was so stressy!!
    I really hope i get to do the jump over to 'being pregnant' but just got to be patient and wait because it will happen when it happens(hopefully before the end of the year woud be great!!).
    Good Luck to you and i hope you get to leap over to being pregnant too.
  • Hi ladies,

    We're on month 1 of ttc baby no2 so not that far ahead. Looking forward to seeing you guys on "Trying" and hope you get your BFP's quick xx
  • Hi, another September TTC'er here!! I already have a DS who has just turned 1 so we'll have at least a 2 year age gap.

    I'm finding it hard to chart my cycles at the moment as my body hasn't sorted itself out since having DS. I was always a regular 28 days & ovulated on day 14 as I used to get painful ovulation pain to remind me. Now my cycles are anything from 25-32 days, some are heavy and some are just a few days of on and off spotting. I no longer get ovulation pain either so I guess we'll just have to be relaxed about the whole thing and just go with the flow so to speak. xx
  • Hi everyone & welcome image ...there r quiet a few of us ttc in sep now, wonder if we will all b bump buddies!!
    I am same as u cycles used to b bang on 28 days but lately they have been anything up to every 36 days!! it's so annoying!!
    Was just thinking to myself that my next period (due next sat) may b the last one or the 2nd to last one for ages..YIPEEEEE!! thats 1 thing i did not miss when i was preg!!
    Hope your all well xxx
  • Oooh, in that case I might pop over to TTC then! It will be fab if we all bump buddies.
    No periods for 9 months was what I was looking forward to with my last pregnancy but unfortuntely I had placenta previa so bled throughout. Here's to a another shot of being period free for 9 months!! ;p xx
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