Almost started to think...

my hubby had super sperm! image

Last cycle was 29 days, and AF finally arrived today on day 33. I knew it was fairly impossible as we have been using condoms, but I know they're only 98% and I was starting to think that just maybe we were one of the 2%.... even ordered some tests on ebay, but they are in date at least 15 months so will be fine still when we are ttc at least.

I know its silly, but as other people have said, I was starting to get just a little bit excited for a minute there...

Mind you, I was also worrying about the alcohol I drank and stilton I ate a couple of few weeks ago, so glad I don't have to feel guilty about that at least! xxx

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  • ha ha, you're like me, i'm trying to hold off on taking pregnancy tests i - but know will be negative, but there's always that little voice at the back of your mind. You could do with a happy mistake, like a split condom, fate deciding for you!! I know i will be a mix of happiness and utter terror when it actually happens though :/. When do you get rid of the condoms and start ttc?
  • Haha - I'm exacly the same Alfie!

    Not starting trying until December, which feels like such a long way away still! Only waiting until then because I want to be on full pay when our mortgage is up for renewal (next August so can apply July). Its such a pain!!

    How's everything going with you?
  • Wow, december is a long way off. Not in the scheme of things but if you're this broody it will be hard! We get married in 4 and a half weeks so thats a major distraction. On third cycle off pill and been irregular so far so although we aren't using contraception, h2b working away a lot and we're crazy busy, so not BDing a lot or at right times. Still found myself staring at a pregnancy test last month though, the firat of many probably! Needless to say, BFN! We are going to start ttc on honeymoon and i do have a clear blue fertility monitor, but have managed to keep it in the box so far. Think i will start with it on first day of next period which is due week before wedding (but really could come at any time - hopefully not wedding day or honeymoon!!) I think honeymoon is a good chance where we'll have lots of time!

    Work is also rubbish and while that would be a seriously wrong reason to get pregnant, i'd be lying if i said there wasnt added appeal with taking 9 months maternity leaveimage x
  • I have weddings, hen dos and another festival to try and distract me luckily! Not that its doing much good!

    I imagine your wedding must be a good distraction - I remember how crazy I was 4 1/2 weeks before my wedding, lol! Its our first anniversary in less than 2 weeks now - soooo scary!

    Fingers definitely crossed for you that AF doesn't arrive on wedding day or honeymoon - that's the one bad thing of not being on the pill I suppose! xx
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