think i may be able to have another!! woop woop!!

After having my coil put back in august i am getting it taken back out on monday mainly because the pain has been horrendous but also cos i have been talking to my hubby and he is slowly coming round.

got some more talking to do but i think it is working!!

i am excited and nervous that i maybe able to give out little dude a brother or sister!!

just had to share!!!



  • Thats so sad that its sore-but at least now its coming out!! .....and now you can get all back to 'normal' so that when hubby does come around you dont need to wait for your body to get ready!!!


    How old is you li'l dude? Do you have an age difference in your head about what you would want between them?

  • Wow hun congrats thats great news x
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