waht do i have to get again?

we going to ttc aug/sep time and i have everything from my son still, but i no there must be things i ahve to get again. like
a cot-my son has his still
another chest of draws
is ther anything else i have to get ?!


  • i think it depends what you can use again and if it is still in good condition, i will be getting new teats for the bottles, dummys maybe a new breast pump a new cot as LO will be in the cotbed still and new clothes if its a girl, i will probably invest in a chest of drawers for my son so i can reuse the changing drawers for the new baby.

    i will reuse

    the travel system
    plain clothes/blankets/sheets
    cloth nappies
    toys/rocker/playmat etc
    night light show
    nursing chair
    moses basket

    i think thats everything

  • yes you same as me, i have a boy and have boys stuff plus white/yellow if its a girl.
    i hope to BF,so other than cot and chest for my son as like you using changing top chest for baby. oh and cotton wool!
  • We are planning on ttc around the same time and we have a little girl. I'm planning on getting a new cot bed as lo will be using hers, new swing as sold mine to a friend (wasn't sure we would be ttc so soon at the time), another chest of drawers, bottles and steriliser. Clothes wise I have bags of pink so not sure if I'll need to keep them or not. I'm not sure what to do about pram as still have our silver cross travel system and lo will be 2 and half at the youngest when number two arrives. I have no idea if I will need a double. Think possibly I will get a buggy board and a cheap double buggy for long days out.
  • on the travel system i though if LO still needed the buggy i could use a sling or get a board, i dont like the idea of a double people are inconsiderate enough with a single let alone trying to get around with one twice as big!
  • im going to play this double buggy thing by ear, a month or so before edd i will see what lil man is up too, then decide
  • that's probably the best idea. I don't want to buy things that aren't needed. Any idea how you choose a buggy board? There are loads of them?

    Do you think you will be finding out the sex? I want to so we can sort out the clothes but don't think we will tell anyone. Will have to go secret clothes shopping.
  • we will find out, i would never be able to sort out clothes after the baby comes!
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