trying to concieve

hello ladies

i was wondering for a bit of help or advice really.. im 25 and my partner is 26 and were both heathly.. i came off the cilest pill last october 2009 and my cycle is 24/25 days and im still not pregnant.. so frustrating.. been doing the ov kits and had sex at these times just dont understand why im not pregnant yet?

comments would be helpful thank u xx8\):\)


  • Hi Hayley,

    Its perfectly natural for things to take this long. Even if sperm and egg meet there is only about a 20% chance of becoming pregnant. Don't stress too much, as this will not help.

    To maximise your chances, make sure you follow advice on things like diet etc, and then just keep on the BDing at the right time of the month. Most GPs won't even talk to someone who has been trying for less than a year at your age.

    Babydust to you.... as I understand that you are going through X
  • Pretty much have to say the same, although it really sucks as its such a major thing.

    sorry honey-lots of sticky baby dust to you.
    x x x
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