anyone else in same situation?

I just have to ask, is anyone else holding of trying to concive till the end of the year?
We are waiting till october and i don't know if i can!!!
We want to get our house all done up before we have our child and also another reason is paying of debt, not to much but it does take out a chunk of our income.
Coming on this website does not help, but im addicted lol

This is really difficult, but i know we will be glad we waited.


  • Hiya hun,

    I'm in the same situation!! We don't have to wait as long as you - hopefully next month or even the month after will finally see us starting TTC. But I am so frustrated!

    We got married last July and though I have been broody for a long time I was fine with the wait. I never wanted a baby before marriage and then after the wedding I was happy to wait and just enjoy being together for a while. So we said we would start in 2010. Well, since the New Year I have been like a woman obsessed! Because I know we are almost there it is unbearable.

    However, like you we have a few things that we wish to get paid off (which will be finished in a month or two). Though these payments aren't a significant amount I want to ensure that from the time I fall pregnant we can save as much money as possible for me to have a year off with our child and to do the nursery etc. But also for us to have some wonderful times like weekends away and holidays in the next year because its the last time we'll be just a couple.

    So I echo you're thoughts - it's really difficult but we'll be glad we waited.

    In the meantime, I am using this site to get some wonderful advice and tips from all the lovely Mams.

  • hi

    Snap, we are going to start trying in afew months (probably may/june).. it seems shorter if i say afew months though!!

    We got married in 2008 and have just come off the pill. Like you we are trying to get afew bits done in our house (i love it but it needs lots of work) and trying save up some money so that i can have hopefully 9 months maternity leave without having to worry about bills and paying the mortgage... my savings account is affectionally called 'baby fund' between me and hubbie.

    some days i dont mind the wait but other days (usually when im browsing on here) i just want to get on with it and go for it now, lets hope the time goes quickly

    wf x

  • I was in the same boat, i stumbled across BE around last October as we had discussed TTC towards the end of this year. However, i became so broody i've convinced him to start around april time :\)

    However, this is only because we found a house and had an offer accepted a lot quicker than we thought. As hard as it is if you consider that it's only about 9 months now, it's worth waiting rather than having too many expenses building up with a lo one the way!

    I've found it helps to control the broodyness if you take small steps ie. eating well, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol so that it's not too bad when you get pg. I'm coming off the pill this evening (waheyyyy) and this feels like a giant step for me. I felt as long as i was making headway i felt better. So imagine every month that you pay abit more off your debts as another big step towards TTC.
  • Yep, we want to wait until August time, as that's when my daughter will be a year old. Would love 2 children close together, but not too close if you know what I mean! Xx
  • I've got an ever longer wait. We'll only be ttc from next year. How pathetic am I for already being on here now, eh?!
  • We are'nt trying until the summer and the wait is already killing me!! I keep telling myself it will be worth it to have a spring/summer baby (fingers crossed) Having had 3 already I do think spring/summer babies are far easier to look after and its makes the night feeds more barable! The truth is I'm waiting for oh's sake but I can tell myself the time of year really does matter to make myself feel better image x x x
  • I've got an ever longer wait. We'll only be ttc from next year. How pathetic am I for already being on here now, eh?!

    hey picassocat im exactly the same its taken me 5 years to convince my oh that he'll be a good dad and now he's finally said we can start ttc next year . im so excited but very sad being on here already. i should be well prepared thats all i can say!.
  • Well i am so happy to read about others who are waiting a while also, it makes it a bit more bearable! xx
  • Well i'm kind of here too, we had the chat about No2 at new year as DS is now 16mths and said it'd be nice to have another one not too far apart, and we thought that actually conceiving in November would be best as means a July birthday which spreads out all the costs of Christmas & Birthdays (all ours except DS are Jan!) but don't know if I can honestly wait this long, so we've elected to not try but not be careful either and see what happens! Should really hold off til at least April but patience was never a virtue of mine!
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