Realy want another baby

I really want another baby but my daughter is only 4 months old. I would like at least 3 kids. Am I being selfish cause I want another so soon, My boyfriend isn't ready for another one yet. I am 26 and I did want my children by time I'm 30, just so I'm not to old to do things with them. Even tho I want another one I wouldn't push my daughter away. Is it my mind just playing games with me? Like when I'm last for my period I start to think I could be pregnant, but at the minute it's just them getting back to normal.

Any advice plz?


  • Oh hunni its totally natural to want another baby at this stage! Its the hormones settling down!

    Everybody you speak to will have different views on whats best regarding big or small age gaps!

    My friend has 2 that are only 13 months apart and she finds it quite hard i think. I think partly the reason is the oldest boy isnt old enough to understand that the new baby needs mummy alot. I thought i would want 2 quite close but as we are getting married in novemeber we have decided to wait untill then to start trying this means my son will be 2. Im so glad i have waited as my son is harder work now than when he was a baby! I seem to remember him sleeping lots in the begining and now hes all over the place and only has one nap its hard to get things done and keep up with him!

    This is just my view and experiance but only you can tell weather those feelings are "real" or hormonal.

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