Is it best to wait?

Hi girls

me and my hubby are just in the process of buying our very first house. weve been together 9 years this dec and got married two months ago. We really want children, but don't know when is the best time? i am really broody atm and its hard as we have two beautiful nephews who are 2 years old and they are so cute, we also have a niece on the way in november, it makes me even more broody. my mom gave me some wise words last weel, she told me to wait a few months before we want children so we know we can manage the house payments and once you've had kids you cant put them back. she makes a fair point, but am still unsure when to start? plus alot of people keep asking us when are we having children which makes it difficult for me to not think about it. Just dunno what to do xx

Thanks for reading this message,you opinions would really help xx

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  • Now that I am a mum I undersatnd one thing very clearly. there is NEVER a right time to have a child, you just have to go with your gut instinct. There will always be bills to pay, food and clothes to buy so waiting around wont stop those things. I understand its really scarey as before we had Blake, we worried about how we'd cope financially, but you find a way. We havent got alot of money but Blake doesn't go without and we feel 'richer' for having him in our lives. It is the best thing we have ever done and cant wait to do it all over again. Good luck with whatever you decide,. xx
  • I totally agree with Blakey Blue's Mummy- there is never a right time. Me and my DH don't have a lot in the way of possesions or money (were even staying with my Mum atm because were waiting for a house) but really we are millionaires because we have our beautiful baby girl. If anything, were maybe a little bit better off financially because we've really had to pull our horns in and watch what we spend but our DD never goes without and we find that now were parents we'd rather spend the money we do have left on her anyway. You do find a way to cope. I can't wait to move at the beginning of next year and once DD has turned 1 in April, were going to start trying for No.2.

  • Aww your very kind, thank you for shaing your experiences with me, it means alot. i think it might be the case of waiting and seeing what happens image we hope to move into our house in september and who knows, me and hubby might just turn around one day and say lets go for it.i'm currently checking to see if i ovulate atm just to know what my body is up to, but intend to stop checking when we do decide so it doesnt put a stain on is a hard subject to get answers i guess. i really love children and its so nice when i see my hubby playing with our nephews like hes a big kid himself. i think it would be the iceing on the cake. just wanted to say thanks and i will keep you posted when that day comes.

    really appeciated xxx :\)
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