Im New and to Introduce Myself

Hi Ladies

I thought i would introduce myself and say HELLO to all planning a little bundle! I have been browsing this website for afew weeks and have already found it so helpful & informative and seems so friendly and this is my first post

Im 36 (its my b-day today!) and got married in july 2008 (i was also on YAYW website) , hubbie and i have been together for 5 years and have decided that this year we are going to try for a baby. I have been on the pill on and off since i was 19 and took my last one 4 days ago, which felt soooo good and quite an occasion.

We are going to start trying in afew months, once i hope by then my body may have got back to normal (fingers crossed), am abit concerned given my advancing years that things may take abit longer but feel positive and hopeful... image

looking forward and sharing and hearing about how we all get on, its all so exciting

woodfairy xx


  • Well happy birthday for yesterday!

    I'm new here too so nice to meet you. I think theres plenty of people on here around your age who have had no problems conceiving so i wouldn't worry too much about that.

    I'm on my last pill tonight and hoping to move to TTC around April time. When are you planning to start TTC?
  • happy birthday to u!

    all tho i'm not new to this site as i have a ds who is nearly 10 months and this site waas a great helpt o me thru out my pregnancy and still is now, i am a complete newbie when it ciomes to planning a baby and ttc (ds was quite a surprise). we hope to start ttc next month, and i've even begun to dip my toe in the ttc forums waters.. good luck xxx
  • Hello there! I've found this site really helpful and have used it loads since having my daughter 5 months ago. Like you, me and my husband are planning on TTC again later on this year. Last time it happened on the first month of trying but pretty sure I won't be that lucky twice! Belated happy birthday and good luck x
  • hi and thank you for birthday wishes x

    i think we will start ttc in april/may time so not too long now... yey, im so excited and really looking forward it all. We have told our families too that we are going to start trying and they are so pleased which was really nice.

    It sounds like we're all going to trying at a similiar time so will be really nice to keep in touch and hear how we are getting along

    wf xx
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