Ive just come off the pill after 8 years

Hi everyone,

Im new to this site so bare with me lol!

Ive been on the pill for 8 years without a break but just come off it! I'm all over the place, i could cry at anything, im very snappy, my skin is greasy and ive gone spotty, is this normal? I was due on my period 4days ago but ive still not come on however ive done a pregnancy test and it said negative! Me and my fiance would like to start a family which is why i came off the pill over a month ago!

Any opinions would be grateful xx


  • yeah all sounds pretty normal to me!!! lol sometimes it can take a while for you to get your first period.When we were planning our first I went though loads of tests while waiting for my perfiods to come back. Now I'm back to do it all again!!!! x
  • Me too - only took my last one on Monday so I've got a while before my hormones go crazy - just in time for xmas lol
  • think I was quite lucky as was on the pill for 10+ years, came off end of Aug and periods started again as regular as clockwork, every 28 days x
  • I came off the pill after about 7 years and was very much the same as you with everything all over the place. I think my first proper cycle after coming off was 32 days, then about 34 the 28 which was the one I knew I would get pregnant as it was easier to figure out when I would ovulate and this was the month I fell pregnant.

    hope it settles down soon for you it's no fun
  • I was on the pill for 8 years and my periods came back straight away, 28 day cycle. I got pregnant the first month after coming off the pill last time. Good luck! x
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