planning for baby No2, advice needed!

Hiya, I'm 20 year old mummy to my gorgeous daughter Summer who is now 20months old. Me and my other half have been thinking about baby number two. He's received a small pay rise, so we are financially able to have baby number two! My little girl is so grown up for her age and has really good understanding and speech! I feel she would cope with a new sibling. However I do worry that the age gap won't be big enough?? I really don't want to. Need a double buggy to.. Do you think a 2 and half year age gap is enough? X


  • My best friend only has 13mths between her 2, she says that she gets it over with in 1 go, all the potty training ava just follows where grace goes.

    I think you'll be lucky in 6mths if u get summer in buggy never mind a double.

    Is she still in a cot? My friends eldest was in a toddler bed at 14mths, so u might not even need a 2nd cot
  • My 1st is 29 months and I have a 4wk old.
    We haven't bought a double buggy, just gonna cope with ds1on reins for short journeys and ds2 in carrier with ds1 in buggy for longer walks!

    Liz x
  • Thanks for your replies, made me less nervous about the age gap. I think we are going to go ahead with trying! I'm meant to be getting my coil removed today! Aslong as the dctor makes it because of the snow lol! .. Summer has been in a big girl bed since she was around 14months and we have still got her cot, so we wouldn't need to buy a new one! I just hope we get good luck and baby number two will be here soon image thanks again!! X
  • Hi Danielle
    my lo is also 20mths and we plan on ttc once my af arrives at the end of the month!

    Although 18m onths is a nice age gap I new I couldnt handle the sleepless nights and looking after 2 so close in age as toddlers. My lo only started sleeping througha t 13mnonths and I need my sleep lol

    There will be a monimum osf 28months between them depending how long it takes to fall pregnant. For me I would prefer not to ahve 3 yrs between them, however age gap is down to personal choice.

    Thigns like how will i cope etc I wont even think about til toward the end of teh pregnancy with no 2 as i dont want to stress ver it but enjoy the pregnancy and time with my lo. Whe i was pregnant with my lo i didnt think about lqabout until after 30weeks so it allowed me to enjoy it and not stress.

    Decide what you and your oh want and follow your heart.
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