pregnancy after implanon removal

Hi, i've had the implanon for over a year now but am having it removed at the end of the month. I just wondered if anyone else has any stories about conceiving after implanon. I have a 16 month old baby boy and me and my husband want to try for another baby x x


  • sorry gate crashing from ttc! i had my implanon taken out on the 21st jan then had a chemical pregnancy! i then had my first period on the 22nd march and on my first proper month of ttc now!
  • hey hun i just googled pregnancy after implanon removal, and u will get loads of information, hope this helps huni xx
  • Thanks, have googled it already, just needed someone to tell me there experience x x
  • hi.. i had mine out on the 15th feb. had a bit of spoting the week after and proper af on the 15 march. exactly 28 days after image wich i was very happy about as i only had 3 af's in the year i had my implant in image ovulated at the right time this month , again happy thats bak to normal and i am now waiting image worst bit. lol.. so realy after having mine out all has gone bak to normal image good luck hun . xxx
  • Thanks, i get mine out on the 27th of April, i've only had 2 or 3 periods in the whole time i've had the implanon in (14 months). Really really wanting another baby NOW!! x
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