Still hesitating - need help deciding!

For wanting to ttc - (and starting to from now) baby number 2 when we have a 12 week old daughter?

We both reeeeally want another lo and want them to be close in age - BUT we cant help saying - are we doing the right thing - will we cope - will I manage to be pregnant with an under 1 (if we're lucky enough to get BFP quickly that is) - all these questions!!!!

We've pretty much been problem free with Amber so far - except for the first few weeks after my C section - giving up breastfeeding because of mastitis, problems with reflux and the obvious sleepless nights until we got the routine I know we've been lucky with Amber to have such an easy baby - which makes me wonder if it will be too much of a shock to the system to have 2 babies on our hands.

We want to do it - we have the means to provide for 2 babies, we definately have the love and time for 2 - I just cant help but be a little nervous about going for it so soon - but at the same time we dont want to wait.

I dont know fi this is a pointless post really - I guess Im just looking for reasurance that we are doing the right thing and that we wont detriment Amber or our own health and sanity by having 2 babies close together lol!



  • I'm not going to be a huge help with this one. but thought I'd let you know what we went through; when my lo was born we wanted to try again. We've never had any problems with him sleeping, he was an angel of a baby and we know we have been really lucky that he fell into routine so easily and quickly. We had trouble with breastfeeding as well (he was jaundiced so too tired to latch on) so had to give it up. I had a wonderful birth (not even any stitches) so we wanted to try for another straight away. Would have loved to have 2 babies close together in age.

    This is why I'm not being helpful; we didn't do it. We came into some money and it was a choice at the time of another baby or buying our first home, so we opted for the home to provide a stable base to raise ds and any future children.

    I haven't regretted it and we are now TTC number 2. But if I could have done both I would have!! I figure people cope with twins/triplets or more! And having such a wonderfully easy first child would mean if the second child was more of a handful I would be safe in the knowledge that the eldest was happy & easy to deal with!

    I hope you decide to go for it but thats only because I wanted to when in your position! In fact we talked about it as I was delivering the placenta!!
    Good luck hon xxx
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