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  • Ok, firstly - ??3 is a bargain!! And secondly - how cute is that dinosaur?!?! x
  • i know!!!!

    think i might get the ??3 ones - although i think i really want the gingerbread ones - feel a trip to Mamas & Papas coming on

    do you think they'll have the same offers instore? coz i could go tomorrow
  • Sorry to gatecrash Mrs RAF but when I was pregnant with our daughter I bought the entire Gingerbread range for her nursery, and at about 26 weeks I changed my mind and changed the whole lot for Linear Zoo - so you clearly have impeccable taste lol!

    LOVE the dinosaur.
  • Ive always loved that dinosaur! So cute! The hedgehog set is gorg but only thing is they only usually put a sale on things that will go out of stock. Just happened with Lucas nursery furnitre. it was on sale now it seems to be gone! Boo!!! Means we cant buy a matching cot for no 2 even if we wanted!
  • I loved linear zoo but if things from any range are in the sale it might be because they are stopping the range.

    It is alao true that while tie backs look lovely when you actually have a small baby you will probably be unlikely to use them because there are so many other things to do.

    Another thing to bare in mind is that while pastels/pale colours are lovely babies can't see any of that for MONTHS and MONTHS bright colours are much better - but that's just by the by.

    Also be prepared that (as lottie and neve has indicated) when youa re pregnant you may well change your mind A LOT :lol:

    My other problem is that I personally just couldn't buy anythign till we were way past that 12 week mark - just bare in mind whether that bargain is worth all the heart ache if you should have any difficulties (very inlikely I know) but having baby things in the house may make it feel even harder!

    Lovely choices though image
  • I want that dinosaur! x
  • Lily has Linear Zoo in her 'old' nursery (she has roundabout in her new room). I am missing a few things from the linear zoo range as it was discontinued just after I bought my bits (plan to use it all again tho for baby number 2).

    Have fun shopping. xx
  • Loving the dinosaur... so cute!!

    I love Mama's and Papa's but some of theyr stuff is really expensive, so sales are a must, especially if there is something you really like...!!

  • aaww that dinosaur is so sweet..
    i want you think they make an adult version? image
    Mrs T xox
  • i would totally buy the linear zoo one if i didn't have to pay delivery cost - think i'll make a run to M&P later to see if it's still instore

    HD - i know what you mean about the cost - i signed up to their mailing list so i get all the sale annnouncements

    lol MrsT - i want one for me too image
  • Hahaaa an adult 1, that wud be SO COOL... image

    MrsRaf, that's a clever idea **off to scower M&P site**

    I have stocked up on my FA ready for tuesday and Hubby has got his multi vitamins, bless him, he is well chuffed... lol

  • Don't forget the zinc for hubby too HD! x
  • omg i love those tie backs! oh dear, i am so going to over spend on the nurdery when i have a baby.... uh oh
  • Argh! I must have that dinosaur! Baby or not, I neeeeeeeeeeeed it!!

  • i bought the gingerbread tiebacks imageimageimage

    snuck off to M&P this afternoon (left hubby at home to mow the lawn) and got these beauties for ??16 - yay! (have had to hide them from hubby though :lol: )

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  • Lol at the hiding Mrs Raf. I am getting good at plotting to buy pink fleece set and matching footmuff for Lily's bugaboo (hubby couldn't see the point as I have two other colours already) anyways, am planning to hide them at my mum's and then bring them out 'one day'. I can hear him now....why have you bought pink when we might have a boy next and won't get much use out of them???

    Hehe. xxx
  • Hi hun, have you got your BFP, I would be like you and start buying everything in sight lol but am running out of hiding places!!

    I am resisting the urge at the moment, but have been on m & p, argos and next have some lovely stuff in. Am loving the ziggy and friends range because its quite colourful and it wouldnt matter if we had a boy or a girl have you just started trying?
  • no BFP yet MrsBrown - i was trying to hold off testing until AF was actually late but i've decided i will test tomorrow (when AF is due)
    this is only our first month and we weren't really "trying" as such - just being relaxed about it - it just so happened though that we BD'd (had s??x) on CD9, CD14 and CD16 (think i ovulated on CD16 so fingers crossed)

    i know what you mean about buying stuff - i was terrible when we were wedding planning and spent a fortune but at least i had a well-paid job then so could afford it - now i work for myself and am pretty much broke (or would be if it weren't for hubby) - but hopefully i'll be able to make some money from work and continue it from home when i have a baby so that should make up for having to tighten the purse-strings

    but as a serial planner i already know exactly how i want to decorate the nursery image
  • Oh thats great hun, fingers crossed!

    Yeah we were going to start trying from xmas day I know it sounds sad but just that I get 11 days off and so does hubby but when I looked on my cb calendar for estimated period date in dec and then checked my chart that i go on to, It estimated middle december I would be ov so now we are baby dancing from then onwards, it would be amazing to catch first time but we will see!

    Am just driving myself crazy waiting tho!! x
  • We're on our 2nd month of trying for a baby, and I've been unable to resist the urge to buy baby items.

    Two & a half years ago I brought the pram & raincovers, and then since February this year I have brought: car seat, sterliser, bottles, breast pump, bouncy chair, playmat, cot bumper, baby carrier (thing that goes on your front), some toys, gro-bag and clothes including sleep suits, booties, scratch mitts, hats, bibs, and a couple of little outfits - mainly 0-3 months. LOL

    Some people would say I am crazy I guess, but I think just organised. I must add that everything I have was either very reduced in sales, or 2nd hand. Such as pram RRP ??600, I got it for ??150. Car seat RRP ??89, I got it for ??25, Baby carrier was 75% off, steriliser, bottles and breast pump all less than half price. Play mat RRP ??40, I got it for ??15, Bouncy chair RRP ??38, I got it for ??20.


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