Ovulation and spotting - advice


I was wondering if anyone has experienced bleeding during ovulation? It's completly different to AF, not as heavy and different colour (sorry if too tmi!)

Any comments would be appreciated as am a little worried.



  • Could it be an implantation bleed? When in your cycle are you?
  • Hi Adelicia

    To be honest we've only just started trying to concieve so am not really sure how to work things out!

    My last day of AF was the 7th Jan then ttc last week. So when I did start to spot it would have been around 14th day in cycle. It actually started out very light and pinkish which is normal but over night has got quite heavy. Even if we were succesful last week (which would be very lucky!) I'm not sure implantation bleeding can happen this quickly?

    I am going to see the doctor on Monday morning anyway but just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced the same.

  • I've had mid cycle bleeding before, and it was nothing. No pregnancy, but nothing to worry about either.

    Hopefully the docs can give some advice. Good luck for Monday X
  • Thanks Adelicia really appreciate it, will keep you updated! x
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