Period Diary

Does anyone do one of these?

I've been thinking about doing one recently, so I know what symptoms I get and when, as the AF symptoms and pregnancy ones and sooo similar. I think it would be a good idea to get to know my periods inside out so I don't drive myself crazy with SS.

Dani x


  • I don't currently do one but it sounds like a brilliant idea for when I come off the pill in November. A lot of the syptoms sound very similar and I know I would drive myself mad given the opportunity.

    Fiona x

  • I don'r do this -although I do know was my pre-menstrual pattern is. I do record the first heavy day of each cycle so I know how variable they are.

    Don't think it would hurt!

  • last time i used fertility friend to record my cycles, found it a great help and will be using it when we try for no2 x
  • I've only just come off the pill, but I have recorded the first and last day of my withdrawal bleed and am planning to keep doing that so I can get used to my own body patterns.
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