When to start trying???????

Hi!!!! Me and my partner want to try for a baby this year, but we are going to a music concert in Sept.Im wondering at what point in pregnancy would i not be able to go, due to the noise? Hope you can help!!!!


  • Hiya im a newbie too and although i cant answer that, it just dawned on me that ill be off to one in the summer....i hadnt thought of that
    hope someone has some advice good luck ttc
  • I hope so too.will this be your 1st baby?I already have a little girl, shes 18months.
  • Yep will be my first so have no idea what to expect or how long it will take to conceive etc....in a general state of paranoia...lol
    Least you know when to expect...
    i Had a look on the internet after reading your post, only found a little bit about after 20 weeks their hearing can be affected but said it didnt matter so much for a one off concert rather than continued exposure....so hopefully all will be good to still go, (if im preggers by then anyways...lol)
  • It took us over a year to get preg with Jessie, so I am hoping it wont take so long this time round!!!My friend however got preg the 1st month she tried.
    When are you going to start trying?
    Lets hope the what you found is right, im looking forward to being preg and the concert!!!!!Im going to see the health visitor next week so ill see if she knows anything too.xx
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