Re-introduce myself


I have popped my head into this forum every now and again, but spend most of my time on Toddler as I have a 20 month old (Charlotte).

OH & I are ttc in the next month or so (also upsi'd twice this weekend lol)!!

There seems to be lots of new faces on here, maybe a lot of the ones I knew have moved over to Trying..... or even Pregnancy.

If anyone wants advice from an "already mum" I'm here!!!!!!!

Hello, to you all anyway!


  • Hi ccbmommy! Welcome to the forum. I'm kinda new here too after lurking for a while. Hubby and i are going to start casually ttc from end of oct/nov.

    It'll be lovely for your dd to have a sibling! Good luck with it all, and i'll probably be pestering you for advice cuz it's all new to me! x
  • Hello Ladies!

    Me and hubby will also be casually ttc early next year.

    It's so exciting, I can't wait to get going with it and chat to people on here who are going through the same! Will probably need LOADS of advice!!:\)
  • Hi ccb, '((Waves)) I was ttc but went back on the pill, we are trying to buy a new house at the min, which is v v v stressful!!! I have a dd who is 5 and will hopefully be tcc in december xx
  • Hi ccbmommy

    I've not been on here for a while as we are not ttc until March 2010! I have a 12 month old son and can't wait to be pregnant again.
  • Hello I reconise you from baby! I haven't been on for ages!!! I don't they had this forum last time but enjoying it so far makes me much more normal! we should be ttc again from next year. x
  • Hi CCB!! I'm officially over in TTC but lovely to see you...good luck with TTC x x x
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