buyin items before ur pregnant

hello, i was just wondering how many of you have bought lilttle items while in the process of trying for a baby, well my best friend is due in 3 weeks so i have bought her some rattles and blankets and teethin rings etc..... and while ive bought them ive said to my bf do u hink we should but lil items now and out them away as we wud b savin money in a way or is it temptin fate? xxxx


  • I haven't brought anything, but it is very tempting as have been buying things for friends recently that have had babies. I agree though it does seem a good idea to buy a few things when you have a bit more spare cash.
  • i have been buying things but off ebay but my friend has made me worse now she has just give me loads of clothes from when she had her little boy they all been on once he was fast grower and iv gone through it all put away the boy stuff and took out all the unisex stuff and washed em and put em away iv even started making draws for em all, so as you can see that tempting fate thing doesnt bother me its actually making me feel more positive bout it all and making me feel like im not gonna let this beat me i will get our baby the OH says im preparing or nesting lol im not sayin this is the way to do it i didnt think it would be but now iv doing it i feel better and your rite susiee bout them being special when you use them. hope this helps. x
  • as much as i love looking at things and working out what colour phil &teds i want... i dont think i could buy anything before being pregnant. For me it would make the monthly rollercoaster that bit more upsetting.

    I can understand how it makes you more positive though, so whatever you feel is good!
  • I've not bought anything yet, I don't think hubs would let me anyway as he wouldn't want to tempt fate. We both have relatives who have been unable to have children and all the women in my family have had mc's so although neither of us are really sure whether that sort of thing cn be genetic we are a bit over-cautious probably! Although I'm hoping when we start ttc we might both relax a bit and be a bit more positive! x
  • Thanks chick! x
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