?tmi - withdrawal technique

Hello everyone ,I am new to this site. I got married 6 months ago. We are planning to start ttc in the spring but I have been off pill for 4 months in prep for this. I have also been charting my cycle - it's all so exciting! Anyway hubby and I had upsi twice this morning and had no condoms to hand so used withdrawal. He came out on time but am wondering now if I could still get preg from this? In some ways I would be thrilled with this and so would hubby but due to work commitments it would be better to wait till spring so now I am stuck between being worried and being excited... I am currently right in the middle of my cycle ( day 15). What do u think? Does anyone have expereience of this method of 'contraception'!.... Thank youx


  • Well, since you on on day 15, I'd expect there is a good chance you would be in a fertile window.

    The withdrawl method is not very effective, mainly because men produce pre-ejaculate which does contain sperm, and as such there is a pregnancy risk.


    Statistically, pregnancy is unlikely, but I wouldn't recommend 'chancing it' again if it's better for you not to be pregnant just yet.
  • Thanks adelicia, statistically I should be ok but just worrying! Probably cos in some ways we would both be delighted but in other ways the timing isn't quite right! Thanks for your help x
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