Coming off the pill and fertility

Evening all,

When we first decided to ttc in December i read a lot about coming off the pill (i was on microgynon) and how your body needs time to basically detox from it for your cycles to go back to normal etc so decided to come off the pill straight away. By the time we ttc in July i will have been off the pill for 7/8 months but i recently read that when you first come off the pill you can have a surge of hormones and increased fertility for the first couple of months and then your fertility can drop for upto 2 years? I was of course devastated to read this! (not to mention the fact that weve been using condoms for 5months which i HATE using lol)

Is this true?
What are your experiences/knowledge/advice on this?

Many thanks for any help

x x x x

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  • I think you've been reading in all the same places I have babydreamer!

    I came off the pill last month in order to give my body 6 months to detox and was originally hoping to start TTC September, although this will now be January. I have heard so many contradictory viewpoints on it that I am going to try not to worry. (I say that now, but wait until I'm TTC!)

    Can I ask, how quickly did your cycles get back to normal? That was the thing that made me come off early because of everything I kept reading about people having no period still 6 months on. :\?

  • I know the whole 6months with no period thing seems pretty scary but luckily my cycles were pretty normal straight away. My first cycle after coming off the pill was 28days and I think I OVd around day 14 so i really hoped that my cycles would stay like that as its the perfect cycle! But the next 2 cycles were 32days so I then hoped they would stay at 32days but my last one was 36 so who knows. They are in a pretty good range and i think a bit of variation is normal but my obsessive side worries that they are getting longer and longer lol

    Its frustrating because your always guessing and predicting what your body is doing and will do but theres nothing concrete until you actually start ttc!!

    Have you had a full cycle since coming off the pill yet? I find checking CM helps me to have a rough idea of when i will OV when we ttc just so i know as i would prefer to do things naturally for the first couple of months at least before using OPKs

  • Maybe your cycles are just settling back to what they normally will be, so maybe 32-36 days? I don;t know - it's all too complicated!

    I'm still on day 23 from my WB so waiting to see what happens.... I have been checking regularly for CM, but not too sure what to look for yet as I've been on the pill for 11 years (eek!!). I'm sure this has seemed like the longest wait ever for AF though, but I imagine it will only get worse when actually TTC.

    We're the same and would rather do things naturally for a couple of months at least. I think that may involve pouncing on hubby with great enthusiasm regularly for a while! I guess if we get too tired for that and nothing's happening then we may have to consider OPKs.

    Glad I'm not the only one who worries about such things! xxx
  • Yeah that was my guess...i just have to wait for AF this month and maybe that will give me a clearer picture!! I guess thats the good thing about coming off the pill- at least you can get a better idea of how your body works naturally!

    CM is a little confusing, i discovered today that you can have EWCM for upto 5days and some people get what seems to be EWCM just before AF which can be very confusing but all these little things to look out for and check just give us some way of feeling like we can do something before we actually start ttc lol.

    Yeah Im glad too, I felt like i was a bit crazy looking into all these things so much! x x x
  • I was on microgynon for 14 years, i was really worried about the time it would take me to conceive. We started TTC straight after our wedding at the end of August as soon as i came of the pill. My cycles returned to a regular 28 days immediately - i dont know quite when i OV'd as we just went down the route of regular bd'ing. We got our BFP in February so please dont panic yourself, all will be fine! xx

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  • Wow! Congratulations and thankyou for the positive news!! Good luck with
    Your baby x x x
  • Thank you! Just went back an elaborated a bit on my last post as it was done on the rubbish laptop - now i'm at the computer i can say it a bit better!
  • Congratulations to you, and thank you for sharing! I know it could be worry about nothing, but as babydreamer said, it's always good to hear positive news! xx
  • Hi there

    When i tried for my little girl I had been on that pill for two years. I cam off it and we did try straight away as I had also read what you had. It took my body three months though to start oving again even though my af's came back right away , it went right back to 28 days.

    I feel preg 7 months later. I think some women do fall right away as soon as they come off the pill and other take a little longer. What you have done it fine hunimage

  • Thankyou for the words of wisdom! It really does help to hear about other womens experiences but i guess we are all different wether its age, the pill we've been on, how long for, our cycles, health etc you never know until you start trying!!

    This is meant to be the easy part as well lol!!

    Any other experiences would be welcomed as its interesting to see and thanks again ladies :\)

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  • i was on cilest for 11 years when i tried for my little girl. i came off it at the end of october 2007, we waited for my first af before we started to try. the first month ov caught me out and we missed the window, then dh was away the next, the following i was really ill so the first 3 cycles were missed. we then started to try properly in the march and i caught that month.

    my cycles were all over the place anything from 32- 42 days but i bought ov testing kits so i could pin point the window and well they worked. i was was due to have my little girl in december but she came 8 weeks early at the end of october. but she was fine and is now a nutty almost 19 month old
  • I was on Dianette and then later Femodene for total 15 years then stopped after our wedding last year. I took my last pill on 28th July and conceived on 19th September. We are due in 3.5 weeks.
    Same thing happened to many of my friends - pregnant within weeks after years on the pill, so I don't think there is any merit in the myth that you need to give your body time to recover etc. The pill is out of your system in one day.
  • I was on microgynon for a year before coming off it in september as it was buggering my cycles even more than they already were.
    Come November I had still had no AF...lo and behold here I am at 30+4!
    Not sure if it was down to increased fertility, but by my EDD of july 23rd I would have ovulated around 16th/17th october and I took my last pill on 12th september so my cycles weren't that far out.
    Good luck TTC xx
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