Disapointed - Can't get my mirena coil out!

Hello all,

I'm pretty new to this site but have found it very reassuring and so hope someone can shed a bit of light on my situation.

I have had the mirena coil in for 2 years - it really hurt getting it in (probably b/c i'm 25 and I haven't had kids) My mum has been ill with her cancer returning and so my partner and I decided to start trying earlier than planned. This week we found out my mums cancer has spead and so we really want to try asap to give her the chance to be involved with the pregnancy at least.

I went today to get my mirena coil removed, and after 3 doctors poking the hell out of me they still cant get it out! It was so painful - They have referred me to have it removed with a scan but said to expect more pain and it may be embeded. Trouble is the referral may take months and then who knows what will happen once we start trying. I am so disapointed - Has anyone else got any experience of this?

Thanks - and hope I haven't worried anyone with my mirena tale - Doctors said that this is quite rare.


  • Hi Littlewolf,

    I can't feel the thread although this was the case from the beginning -They think they were cut too short! I had a scan after insetion as I couldn't feel them - and they said the position was ok.

    2 Nurses and 1 doctor tried to remove it yesterday but to get a scan and remove it will have to be at the hospital and thats where the delay will be in getting an appointment!

    I guess they will just be trying the same removal technique and thats why I should expect more pain. Although the doctor gave me a look as if to say "if you cant handle this are you sure you want to get pregnant!" I thought I was pretty good with pain but it was totally involuntary - my legs were shaking!

    I guess I'd better hope that the letter arrives soon x x x Thanks for the reply
  • SILVER999,

    the exact same thing happened to me last year. Couldn't feel the strings and neither GP nor nurse could get the thing out. I was referred to a special clinic and was told they could get it out while doing a scan. Got an appointment within 6 weeks. At the clinic, they actually didn't even need the scan. It was enough that they had longer forceps there to reach the strings. It took a little while though and the doctor already said she would need to give me a local anaesthetic but then tried one last time and out it came without any trouble. It was a bit painful but nothing compared to when they put it in. Like you I don't have any children yet and the insertion was hell. Think the pain had mostly to do with me being so scared, so try and stay relaxed.

    Like you, I also had nightmares about the coil being imbedded in my uterus but I can reassure you that if that was the case, you'd be in agony.

    I hope my reply was of some help and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me. I can totally sympathise .

  • Thank you PicassoCat,

    I worked myself in to a bit of a panic today what with the horror stories I found on the internet! Reading your response has really reassured me so thank you!

    Did she give you the local anaesthetic in the end? My doctor said that I would have to cope on Ibuprofen! Eek! It's starting to make me wonder if my pain threshold is low....!

    I hope that the referral is quick - as I hope to start TTC soon afterwards. Anyway what will be, will be - Told my partner that we need to be more positive - the ball is rolling now at least, and we have another month of saving which i'm sure will help! x
  • SILVER999,

    I know what you mean. There are so many horror stories about the Mirena out there. I already saw myself infertile due to the damage they would surely do while trying to coax the thing out of me. Luckily no damage done and my period was regular straight away.

    No, in the end she didn't give me the local anaesthetic and I am so glad. I'm not sure if that would have just been a numbing spray or an injection but when she said 'I will have to give you a l.a., I pictured this massive needle and the tears started to flow. I think I would have wanted a general anaesthetic instead.Next thing I knew the coil was out as she had somehow managed to crap a piece of the string. Felt a bit like an idiot after that. Lol.

    I think taking some Ibuprofen before would be a good idea and even if it's just to help you mentally, thinking it won't make you feel a lot of pain. And def try to relax. As hard as it might be in that situation. If you tense up, it will be harder for the doctor to do what they have to do.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mum btw. I hope you get your referral quick so you can start to work on that baby. You could already start taking Folic Acid so the whole thing feels a bit more real and closer.

    Good luck with everything. x
  • Oh, and def stop reading stuff on the net. I will drive you crazy! x
  • Hi PicassoCat,

    I'm a bit of a needle phobe and general wimp....I suppose in the grand scheme of things the needles will be the least of our problems lol

    Thank you for the little pep talk - And wishing us both more luck with the next stage of conceiving! x x x
  • Thanks Littlewolf ... I now have a referral date so it feel as though everything is finally moving in the right direction - thanks for everyones comments - I now feel much calmer about it xxxx
  • It was nice reading the above storys, as I have been so worried. I had my coil fitted 9 months ago, I have not stopped bleeding, a few times I have been over to the dr's and they keep saying bear with it,, it can sometimes take up to 9 months to a year to work. Well enough was enough, I wanted it taken out.

    I phoned the family planning clinic and got an appointment that morning, the nurse could not find my strings, she tried a few times, lucky the gyno dr was there, so I saw him and he couldnt find my strings, bless him he tried for ages, but with no luck. It was a little painfull, but to be honest I was so stressed out and didnt relax. I went back the next day and he injected me to numb me, still a little painfull and he tried to get into my womb, but couldnt, but still couldnt find my strings/coil. I have been so worried thinking where is my coil, and reading horry storys on the net, went into panic. He said maybe it could have fallen out? that I dont no, I hope it has fallen out, but yes i am worried where it could be. After reading your storys it has made me feel  better. Im booked in on monday Private to see a gyno and im going to ask about a scan and removeal. I just hope he can find it.

    Thanks ladys for writing things like this on here, it really does help.

  • I am currently waiting to have mine taken out.  The nurse practitioner has tried twice to do it and said she couldn't find it and referred me for a scan.  I've just had the scan and the coil is exactly where it should be so obviously the strings have been cut too short.  I have just contacted the doctors to make an appointment for them to 'have another go' which I am dreading and they have said it won't be for another month yet as there is a waiting list and then they probably won't be able to get it out and then I will have to be referred to Gynae and have an op to get it out..........I just want the thing out now as its been in for 5 years and I have been having sore boobs, tummy & back ache and was told that this could be because the hormones this particular coil gives off could be wearing out ( although you are still protected from pregnancy).  I asked the nurse practitioner if maybe she could have a doctor with her when she tried for the third time so they could help, to which she replied she was the only person qualified to do it!!  I will never have another one! 


  • As suspected, went for my third coil removal attempt today without success.  Not really sure why they even bothered to try really as its not like the strings were going to grow longer since the last attempt!  Anyway am now being referred to Gynae who will also attempt to take it out in a month or so and if that fails, I will have to have an operation to have it removed..............nightmare.

  • I had a very similar situation. I really hope it goes ok for you!

  • Well, a different experience here.  i'm 45 and had the merina coil in for 7 years.  have hit menopause early and blood tests show that i am no longer and have been taking HRT for 2 years now.  I've had no problems at all with the coil in 7 years but it seemed pointless to keep it in if infertile so had it removed 6 days ago.  After 2 days i got a couple of spots but didnt relate it to the coil but then, on day 4, i woke up to find HUNDREDS of puss spots all over my face - the AGONY!!! they're in my eyebrows, eyelids, bridge of my nose and my cheeks are covered.  i cant go to work, school, shops anything.  even my gorgeous kids and hubby are struggling to look at me.  I went to the docs this morning (a different doctor as the other doctor who did the removal was not available).  After writing off food allergy and make-up allergy i suggested that it could be the coil removal and she agreed it probably was that although she hadnt come across it before (i think she's about 23!).  Anyway, she prescribed antibiotics so we'll see what happens.  I've spent hours trying to research 'merina coil removal and acne' but found nothing - even on NHS websites.  I feel like I need to warn everybody!!

  • had coìl in 4 5 HAF YEAR N☆☆.dos doctors no omform u when u néed it removed?  didnt kno it stpps wken & u kud faĺl pregnant xx

  • The leaflet and doctor/nurse both say the coil lasts 5 years and give you a reminder card and have full info given to you before and after insertion so you would know it expires. 

  • I've been trying for almost 12 months to have my coil out but still no luck... I've had mine in for nearly 6 years now, i originally want it out last June. I'm getting passed from doctor to doctor, I'm so upset and stressed, I'm actually thinking about lodging a complaint with my doctors surgery... :( 

  • I just had my Mirena IUD removed today, and I am really excited about it! Getting it out is MUCH easier than having it put in. I was fortunate in that she found the strings and had it out in literally 5 seconds. You can expect a crampy little pinch, much like a Pap Smear, and then it's over and done with. I have experienced a trace amount of bleeding, but nothing serious. I am prepared to get my period, since I have read that it returns with a vengence. I know this sounds crazy, but my middle already feels lighter. Not like I lost weight, but like there is less pressure in my middle. I always felt pressure like I was constipated or something. Now the real test begins, to see if and how quickly I lose weight, and if my other symptoms improve. I currently weigh 246.2 pounds. I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and running, doing the bike, and lifting both arm and leg weights, obviously with no results. I eat around 1200-1500 calories a day. I am not going to change any of my habits, and lets just see what this does. I went to the gym today, and I can't tell you how excited I was. I feel like finally I will be working out and get results, instead of feeling depressed and banging my head against a wall. I have a good feeling about it all.

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