Can I join you?

Hi girls.

I hope i'm in the right place, I plan to have another baby but were not ttc yet.

Just to introduce myself:
I have 2 daughters aged 4 1/2yrs and 11months. I was on the ttc forum for a year before we conceieved our 2nd. I really enjoyed my pregnancies and had positive births but still I'm shocked I want another so soon.
Can't help being broody though lol. I did go on ttc forum again last month but after a long talk OH and I decided against trying for another baby just yet as financially it will be tough.
Hoping it will help to talk to you all,

Fiona x


  • Welcome to planning Fiona! We are hoping to start trying for our first in December/January so glad to hear about your positive experiences of pregnancy and birth! Hope to speak to you soon! xx
  • Hi Fiona,

    I was shocked at how broody I'm feeling already and my little boy is only 3 months old. But I had such an amazing pregnancy, I throughly enjoyed every minute of it and can not wait to do it all over again and add to our little family.

    Good luck!!
  • hi hun! i remember you from the TTC days. i am undecided when to start TTC for number 2. i change my mind ALL the time lol! I want at least a 2 year age gap so we aren't starting TTC before September at the earliest, but it may be a while after that....really can't decide lol!

    good luck when you do start

  • Just saw this on the home page! Can't believe you and mrs_e are back in here already!! Never mind planning get on with it then I can chat to you in pg!!! xx fingers crossed for a quick sticky one when you do start again! xx
  • Hi mrs e I remember you too. Unlike ttc no.2 Im constantly changing my mind this time. 3 is a lot to think about!!

    oh Socks I was so happy to hear your news.
    Congratulations if I havent said it already. How far are you? am I gonna see a bump pic? hehe

    We have decided that I will stop the pill but dont expect to fall pregnant as I know it can take a while for the pill to get out my system and my cycles are irregular when Im hormone free and it took a year to concieve Ella so may take ages!!

  • Aw just get on with it girl! Would be nice to have you back in pg! I am 22+5, yay! About flipping time, took 24 months! Just about to give up, I am sure you remember it well! I have a bump pic on the thread in DIN xx FIngers crossed you get a surprise soon! xx good to "see" you again, hope Ella is well, I am sure she is growing really fast now! xx
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