Recession baby????

Hi all,

Any advice would be great!
I'm happily married with a wonderful husband who would love to start a family now. My husband is 30 soon and he has always said that he wants a family when he is still young. We have been discussing TTC in two months when we go on holidays. I definitely want children but I am one of these people who thinks about things too much, weighing up the pros and cons and so I don't know if there'll ever be a -right' time? But I do know that I am approaching 29 and I would like a couple of children before I am 35 so I'm not sure if I just go for it??
I have a good job but last summer my boss started bullying me and he has now turned the only other member of staff in the office against me so you can imagine the atmosphere is unbearable and I'm upset every night dreading what the next day will bring. I spend every day sat in silence, I have tried looking for a new job but due to the recession there is nothing much about. I have been thinking perhaps this is another reason why it would be the right time to have a baby. If all goes well I would finish up at Christmas and then have 6/9 months maternity leave where I could look for a new job a perhaps the job market would have picked up in 2011?
I have thought about having a child for a long time does anyone else think the recession is a good time?


  • I personally dont think there is ever a good or bad time to have a child.

    I do think that your boss and your work is making you a bit muddled up though! What a horrible situation to be in, thats terrible.

    To tell the truth i'd just go for having a baby whenever you want.

    You dont know if a great job is arround the corner, but then you'd be in the maternity pay qualification dilema, or boss might turn nice, or they may still be mean-but you'd have the stress of a baby too.

    Im sorry-i dont want this turning into a sad post, but if you focus on what you want and really go for it you cant be wrong-as its what you really want.

    x x x x
  • Would you be able to afford to be a stay at home mum for a while after maternity pay finished? If you dislike the job now I think after you had a baby you would resent going even more with leaving LO too.
    Can you move to another office/branch?
  • Hello,
    I haven't had a baby (yet!) but all the advice I have been given is there is not a 'good' or a 'bad' time to have a baby but clearly there are times when it would be better IYSWIM. I think as long as you can look after your little family (financially, roof over the head etc) then why not? There's always another holiday you could have, more money you could save, redo the kitchen etc...
    That said I have a word of warning as seen with at least two friends of mine. They were in a similar position to you - hard time at work, difficult boss etc - decided to have a baby. I know at least one of them was literally counting down the days until she could go on maternity leave. However, they both had to go back to work eventually and hadn't found different jobs in their time on leave. So noe they have jobs they don't like and have to juggle it with childcare.
    I am not trying to be negative I just wanted to say that maybe just be sure you have a plan B in case you don't get another job (fingers crossed you do) because the last thing you want is to be juggling childcare while dealing with an unsympathetic boss and difficult time at work.
    Good luck with your decision.
  • Hey chic,
    As others have said no right or wrong time to have a baby image Money shouldnt really be the issue you will get some help and as long as you have love to give the baby then material things are second.
    I mean i was 18 when i found out i was pregnant with twins i was doing a-levels and had a crap part time job i was not a lil bit financially secure. This said i am thinking of money thinking about trying for no.3 so i cant say it doesnt matter. Some months you cant do the treats and others you can. It all depends but my twins are healthy and happy and loved and thats all i want. I go without for them to have because thats what being a mummy is about and they repay me by being here image If you want to do it go for it but try and sort work out a bit as the stress will be no good whilst pregnant....hope your ok and let us know what you decide image xxx
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