Naughty Me :-D

well i was supposed to be looking at laptops in pc world today - but this unstoppable force (i blame the gale-force winds) blew me into Mamas and Papas!


i have now planned out my unconceived baby's entire nursery hehehe


  • LOL - DD and I spent a while in Mamas and Papas on sunday morning. My DD is 9 and she went round choosing the toys she'd like for a baby becasue she wants to play with them!
  • any particular faves?? -I can see a night of abby browsing coming on lol x
  • So glad it isn't just me, mothercare called me in on saturday and accidentally put a catalogue in my bag!!! LOL!!
  • LOL!!!

    I spent Sun afternoon looking on their website and mothercare - told OH it was for research into how much things cost!
  • I love Mamas and Papas!!!

    I like planning the maternity clothes i'd wear and the times of year i'd be wearing them!!
  • MrsKanga that's so cute that your DD is excited - i was 9 when my little sis was born and i couldn't have been more angry at my parents for having another child :lol:

    hopefulmummy - i love the beige sets with the bears ("Once Upon a Time")
    but i'm afraid my children won't know what colour looks like coz everything i love it beige/natural hehe so i've decided if we have a girl then i'll go for the yellow set ("Zeddy and Parsnip")
    here are the ones i like:

    they dont have the crib i want - i want either a white or natural swinging crib (saplings have one) - but i did see the most perfect changing table/cabinet thingy

    we used to have a crib like this at my grandmothers that all us cousins used at some point so i'm tempted to get it to keep at my mums (once baby is conceived and born!):

    image image image
  • LOL a gailf orce wind blew you in. I'm so stealing that excuse. I'm always browsing at prams and maternity wear. Is it me or do you not think maternity wear is really unflattering and boring?? Why can't we have normal clothes just with space for a bump?? At a reasonable price might I add. Can't Primark make maternity stuff?? Lol. I may need to write a letter!!
  • Dorothy Perkins, New Look, TopShop and Next do some lovely maternity clothes plus Holly Willoughby has designed/models for a collection in Littlewoods x
  • Primark might not make maternity wear but most of the clothes I wore during pregnancy were from there!!! lol! It's all about the cut of the clothes.
  • Sounds good, i often catch myself checking out the baby section in the argos catalogue!
  • I have so far managed to keep myself out of there... but that hasn't stopped me from looking online!! Naughty me!!

    Think we're all as bad as eachother!! x
  • Tell you a fantastic website!!!! I wath ALL the pram will be addicted I tell you!!!!
  • I've managed to avoid too. I slow down as I walk past, glance in, then shuffle off as I dream!

    S xx
  • I really love the skate and the loola travel systems from mamas and papas.

    Ooooh I didn't know Holly Willoughby designed maternity wear. Do you know what I was thinking, maybe Colleen Rooney will design maternity wear for Asda???
  • Ooooh good thinking missfancyshoes - that would be fab!! Yea, Holly Willoughby's stuff seems quite nice (not that i've looked - much!!! :lolimage!!
  • I haven't seen it, knowing my luck by the time I get pg all the Holly Willoughby stuff will be finished and I have to make do with frumpy stuff. lol. I feel like I should be hoarding maternity clothes just now. I am losing the plot. I can imagine oh's face if he discovers a stash of maternity gear image
  • Ha ha haaaaaaaaa - i've actually thought about that too!! :lol:
  • ooo i actually have a confession, i haev already got my pram and nursery image that is bad!! We where planning on haveing a baby now but things changed, but i could resist a bargin!! xx
  • I bought a bottle steriliser kit today, it was half price and some very cute little stripey rompers! They are uni-sex!

    So broody it hurts x
  • I get ever so tempted to buy baby things but so far i've restrained myself to pre pregnancy ttc things!! My OH is quite superstitious anyway and would prob hit the roof if i started coming home with clothes and toys for our not yet conceived baby!! :cry:
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